Sunday, October 23


Saturday evening, we took Dylan to a pumpkin patch. He was very interested and excited to see all of the pumpkins! He explored all over the place by himself and Mark and I were mainly just there to grab him when he would try to steal some one's wagon. He tried several times and we apologized several times.

When he wasn't trying to steal wagons, he was busy trying to pick large pumpkins up, or roll them. He wouldn't make it very far. Actually, he didn't make them move an inch, but it was cute to watch him grunt and try to lift them.

I didn't end up buying any pumpkins. I had originally planned to get a small pumpkin for Dylan, but they were either too small or too big. I will look for the perfect size pumpkin for him when we take him to the Apple Orchard this week! :)

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