Tuesday, October 25

Random Things

I have been meaning to blog about some of these things, but they don't ever seem to fit in with the other posts. So, instead, I decided to be even more unorganized and just blog about all of the random things going on around here all together.
Dylan has been mostly spotted in disposable diapers lately. (gasp!) He actually started to get a diaper rash a couple of weeks ago and I couldn't tell if it was a rash, or some scrapes/cuts from his little fingers when he immeditaely grabs his junk every time I change him. During his birthday weekend, my mom and I noticed it get kind of bad and it was clearly bothering him. We thought about it and think that we came up with a reason. See, in order to keep my cloth diapers sparkling clean, I had been rubbing this all over them after cleaning them.

Well, we think that maybe it wasn't getting fully washed out of the diapers and causing him a rash. I washed the diapers three times this weekend and started him back in them today. He still has signs of a small rash, but I am just going to keep applying his rash cream and keep an eye on it. Hopefully, things down there will get back to normal.

Speaking of "no.2," things were so regular with Dylan and have seem to gone all weird lately. He seems to go every single time I give him any solid food, which can be 3-4 times a day (another reason he might have a rash). I am not sure what's causing it. The only thing I can think of was when I have been trying to introduce whole milk to him. Maybe it is upsetting his tummy? I don't know.

Now on to the milk talk...

He will drink the whole milk. It isn't his favorite, but he will drink it. Not a lot of it, but some. If I give him some in his cup with his lunch, he will take drinks of it. However, if I try to give him whole milk instead of a bottle, he just cries and points that he wants his bottle of formula. I don't know the correct way of transitioning him off of his formula and bottles. I feel like I am starving him and feel so bad when he cries and points that he wants a bottle! If anyone has advice on this, I would love to hear it! Seriously!

Well, I had to give up on my cute little baby sleeping door sign today and go for the ghetto bitch paper I slapped on the door.

I get so irritated with the people that come to the door and just have no shame! They see the sign (assumming that they can read), but they still ring to doorbell, or knock on the door, or every. single. day. the mail lady shoves the mail through the slot, even though she knows and can hear Hurley go crazy and bark in attack mode. It isn't them waking Dylan up, but he wakes up when he hears Hurley go crazy and they are making him do that! That's why there is a sign. Ugh. We'll see if this ghetto sign makes any difference. (Howeve, the UPS man that comes every. single. day. -haha- he knows to just drop the package at the door and scatdaddle on out. He is awesome. Thank you, UPS!)

On to another thing, hs anyone watched The Rosie Show on OWN? I'm not sure what I think of it.

I used to really like the Rosie Show when it was a day time show. Then, she joined The View, got all angry, then got all lesbian angry, and now I am not sure what I think. I have tried to watch it three times, but end up changing it. It's like a mix up of The Oprah Show and her old day time show. One minute, she is sitting down having a deep-conversation with a guest, then she is playing games with audience members. It's weird to me.

Tomorrow we are planning to take Dylan to the apple orchard. I have always wanted to go and never have. It should be fun. They are going to have apples for picking, pumpkin patches, and more. Hopefully, I'll get some cute pictures! 

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