Thursday, October 13

A whole year...

 (oh boy! - if you look close enough, you can see his birthday surprise in the back ground that his Daddy is making!)

I cannot believe that Monkey is a whole number 1 today! I could get extremely emotional if I think too much about it! I'm fighting back tears right now (literally). I honestly don't even know that to write. Should I get really mushy and talk about the day he was born? Or, just cut to the chase, post his 12-month pictures, and talk about all he is doing now? Really, I don't know. I honestly cannot believe how much my life has changed within a year. Actually, I cannot believe how much control I have given up and given to this little guy. He is the one in charge now and he has developed quite a little personality! He isn't a baby anymore...

- He doesn't just walk, he can run. (especially when I ask him if I can change his diaper)

- He can say: "Momma," Dadda," "Key-co" (Chiko), "Hu-ee" (Hurley), "ess" (yes), "dee" (drink), "out," "Dayee!" (Dylan - he points to the baby on the Baby Einstein videos that rides the rhino and thinks that it is him!), "Mmmm" (yum), "tee" (tree), "Moo," "Hi," and "Bye"

- Prefers to drink from a big boy cup

- Likes to hold his own bottle

- Has learned to use a spoon (dips it in the bowl and then slowly turns it around, spilling all of the food on it, and puts it in his mouth)

- He understands what things are; If I tell him to go get his ball, he goes and picks up his ball, and if I tell him to put on his shoes, he runs to his red chair and sits down and lets me put his shoes on him.

- He still drinks 4 to 5 bottles a day of formula

- He has tried big boy milk and likes it!

- He eats buttered toast, macaroni, peas, hamburger bits, chocolate chip cookies, chicken nugget bits, grilled cheese sandwiches, and pizza (his favorite!)

- He loves to go outside

- He hates diaper changes and they have become an Olympic sport for his Mommy

- He laughs at things on TV now

- He dances and claps his hands

- He climbs and holds his hand out when he needs help stepping down on something

- He throws the ball for Hurley and gives him his cookies

- He not only loves watching me vacuum, he tries to jump on it now, too!

- He loves Chiko very much and is learning to pet her nicely (mostly pokes her in the eye)

- When Mommy says, "Nuh uh!" He waves his hand back and forth and says, "Nuh! uh! uh! uh! uhh!"

- He can give hugs and kisses

- He tries to blow out candles and blow kisses

- If we point to something, he points

- He picks out books and then brings them to us to read to him

- He throws fits (sits down and bangs his head on the ground between his legs, then cries because his head hurts)

- He loves it when I put ice in his cups

- He goes to bed at 10:00 and wake up at 8:00

- He pushes everything and has started to learn to ride his dinosaur toy

Coming soon...


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