Friday, November 11

Friday Favorites

1. Old Navy Faux-Leather Riding Boots -

Since riding boots are all the rage right now and I love things that are "all the rage," I wanted some! I never even dreamed of buying them until I found my awesome pair of jeggings that make it possible to wear them. I found a pair on sale at Old Navy online for only $29.99 a couple weeks ago. I am no t sure why that are not on sale anymore. They also only had a size 6 when I got them, but now only have a size 10 in the brown color that I got. These are perfect and I love them! If you're a size 10, I would go ahead and order them, even thought they aren't on sale like when I did, but I think they are worth it!  Check them out, or buy them here.

2. Grey Texas Tech Long Sleeve Tee -

This seems like a dumb item to blog about, and normally I wouldn't, but this is now my favorite t-shirt EVER! Have you ever had one of those grey t-shirt that is a soft, flimsy feeling that you just love? It's not the normal kind of cotton t-shirt material. Well, this is one of them and it is a long sleeved tee! I love long sleeve t-shirts. Makes my wardrobe sound real blah, but hey, I stay at home like every day now, and that's what I wear. If you went to Tech, just buy the shirt. I'm serious. You'll thank me later. They have it for guys, too. Buy it here.

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