Thursday, November 24

Thanksgiving cards

Dylan made Thanksgiving cards to send to some family and close friends this week. I traced his little hand and turned it into a simple turkey like every child should learn to do! On each finger, I put things that he was thankful for; Mommy, Daddy, Hurley, and Chiko. They were very easy and simple, but fun! It's cute to have a little memory of his hand size, too. :)

We are spending the holiday with my parents (a.k.a. Nonnie & Duke) and my Grandpa made the trip from Iowa to finally meet Monkey! He has been quite the entertainment for them so far. We will see how soon he scares them off! ;)

We plan to go visit the new Disney Store because it is supposed to be awesome and I just have to take Dylan to pick out some Mickey Mouse, or "Mow" stuff! My mom and I tried to go shopping Thursday night when the sales started (by "tried" I mean we never got out of the car). We saw the ridiculous lines wrapping around the stores and decided it wasn't worth it. We'll pay double the price for the stuff instead. I still haven't figured out what the amazing deals people stand in long lines for. I didn't see anything too great in the ads, but this is coming from the person that is done, yes D.O.N.E. Christmas shopping already! Mwahaha! I even have most of them wrapped! So, I guess I haven't cared too much to run out and grab stuff.

Hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Dylan is thankful for all of YOU, too!!! :)

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  1. Very cute cards! I also don't understand the point of standing in lines and enduring all of the chaos just to save a few bucks. People are dumb.