Friday, December 2

My Christmas Decor

I do not have very much Christmas decor, according to me. I would like to have more, but I am pretty picky when it comes to decor in my home. I also only buy decor when it goes on clearance after the holidays. I don't think that there is any point to spend full-price on it when you know it will be half-off on December 26th.

I don't go too over-the-top with holiday decor, but like to have small touches around the house.

Our Christmas tree was purchased at Target a couple of years ago when it was on sale. It isn't too big because we only have 8ft. ceilings in this old house.  It is mostly decorated with ornaments from Restoration Hardware. They are very fragile and all glass. Of course, I bought them on clearance after Christmas. They actually have some of the same ornaments for sale on their website right now full-price again! The tree skirt and stockings are from Pottery Barn. They have had the same style for years  now, which I like, because we were able to just add Dylan's to the collection and it matched. They always put these on sale after the holidays, too!

This happens all day long. He likes to clink the glass together, but is very gentle and smiles, then walks away. He hasn't actually pulled any ornaments off yet. He does, however, find the little red berry sticks interesting and likes to pull them off and hand them to me, looking so proud of himself. :)

Dylan has quite a few special ornaments on the tree, but the 'Little Monkey' is his favorite. I have had to move it towards the bottom of the tree in the front so he can see it and point to it easily, saying, "Monn!"

This year, I found some cute hand-painted ornaments of animals and Hurley and Chiko now have their own ornaments on the tree, too...

Dylan loves to look at the kissing ball hanging from the archway and give kisses underneath it!

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