Thursday, December 1

Our House: Master Bedroom

I just remembered that I hadn't finished posting pictures of our house! Here is the master and you will pretend that you do not know anything about the big mess of clothes/shoes I threw into the closets and hallway before I took the picture.

I recently got new bedding. If you had seen pictures before of the house, I used to have a really pretty silk Pottery Barn duvet. I loved it, but duvet covers and down comforters, no matter how lightweight that they claim to be, I get way too hot in the bed next to Mark and end up sleeping on the couch. In an effort to get me back into our bed, I bought a vintage-inspired white chenille bedspread. It is super lightweight, like a blanket. I like it a lot, but I am wanting to add some color in the room and to the bed, just haven't done it yet.

Yes, our master bedroom is incredibly large and we are even in shock at how big it is. When we moved in and ripped up the carpet, we could tell right away that this room was added on to to make it bigger. It's nice to have it so big!

The white couch is one of my favorite pieces of furniture. Not only because I use it as my bed quite a bit, but because you can't find pretty furniture like it anymore. It was Mark's grandmother's that she didn't want anymore and I was eager to take it!

The coffee table is one that was on clearance at Target a couple of years ago as a bench. It was only $18.00, and I have a bad habit of collecting furniture that is a great price, because I might use it or paint it to use it somewhere. I think it works well in the room.

The vertical canvas was a gift that I made Mark on our 2nd wedding anniversary. It has a cute quote on it that I saw somewhere and liked. It was an intense and stressful project. Now that I have Pinterest, I have seen so many ways that I could have done it better and much easier. Oh well, sweat and tears went into it! :)
Excuse the ugly torn-up chaise lounge in the corner. I love this chair and will not part with it even though all of the upholstery is ripped up on it from when Hurley was a puppy. That is why there are blankets draped on it. I plan to recover it. I will not trash any furniture, remember. It will be fabulous once it is redone! :)

We have a ways to go in the room, to me, still. We still need crown molding and some new furniture. Not to mention, the closets will be completely redone, along with the master bathroom when that project kicks off, or when we win the lottery.


  1. I love that your room is so big and can comfortably have a couch in it. I want a room that big when we finally buy a house! And I love the colors of the walls!

  2. Thanks! Yeah, we are pretty spoiled with how big it is. If we ever decide to move, that will be hard to replace a room this size!