Friday, December 16

Screen Printing Shirts

In an effort for me to be more like Allison Booth, one of the co-writer's of the Lullaby Lubbock blog, (seriously, I am obsessed with her and it can probably fall in the pathetic stalker category) I wanted to learn to screen print my own t-shirts. Mark has mentioned several times that he wants to contact her and pay her to spend a day with me as a gift, which would be really embarrassing, but I would totally be down with it - haha! Anyway, I ordered a Speedball Screen printing kit and watched the DVD that came with it about how to do a process called photo emulsion. Basically, you design something on your computer, print it off in black and white on transparency paper, then start the complicated process. You have to put a special emulsion liquid on the screens and let them dry over night in a dark room. Then, you pull them out, put your transparency design on them, lay glass on top of the design, then use a special light to let the image transfer onto the screen for a certain amount of time. Have you stopped reading already because the complicated process has already confused bored you? Yeah, well, you get the idea. It's complicated, but the good news is that once you do it, it is so easy and you will be able to do it again and again and it goes really fast once you figure it out.

I decided to give the screen printing my very first try by making special Rhoads Family Christmas t-shirts for everyone to wear on our little trip to Dallas. You would think I would try it first on like ONE t-shirt, but no, I decided to experiment by committing to like 20 shirts! They turned out good, I think, for my first time, anyway! I learned a lot and probably will not try to do such fine print, as some of the lines in the letters did not turn out, but you can still make out what it is supposed to say.

The adults have a small design in the front corner and then the big design I made on the back of their shirts, while the kid's shirts all have the big design just on the front. Hopefully, we will get a good picture of all of us wearing our shirts together next week!

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  1. Ummm. This just made my day! Your shirts are amazing! I can't believe these were the first ones you ever made, you are a natural! Thank you SO much for the sweet shout out:)