Monday, January 30

Potty in the Potty

"Do you need to go potty?"

That's seems like all that I am saying lately. I mentioned about a month ago, that I felt like I wanted to start potty training Dylan soon. I had a LOT of negative comments in response, basically just telling me that it is "too early." I had a Babies R Us coupon for 20% off all potty seats the other day and went ahead and decided to buy his potty before the coupon expired. Well, that night, when it was time for Dylan's bath, he didn't have a diaper on and I asked him if he would like to go potty. He nodded his head. How did he know what that meant? I think he knows what potty means because for a couple of months now, when he goes no.2, we find him sort of "hiding" and talk to him about what he is doing. So, I set him on his new potty seat and told him to push. He tries to mimic me pushing and immediately went pee-pee in the potty!

That was three days ago.

Since then, when asked if he needs to go potty,  he will shake his head yes or no. If he shakes yes, I take him to the potty and have him push. He has gone pee-pee nearly every time. He is doing very well and I am a very proud Mommy.

Why do I think it's working?

I have low expectation for it right now. It is early. He is 15-months old. Does this mean I'm not going to keep it up and keep trying? No. He can do it. I am just not expecting him to do it every single time. I am honestly more interested in getting him used to his potty seat and "trying." I know that potty training can be a trying time for everyone and I do not see any harm in trying to get him comfortable with it early. I hope that this cycle continues and progresses. No matter what, I'm a proud Mommy and haters are gonna hate! lol

***UPDATE: I started writing this post early this morning. After Dylan woke up from his afternoon nap, I took him to his potty. He went pee-pee, then we ate lunch. After he ate, we went to the potty and he went no. 2 in the potty! NUMBER TWO! IN THE POTTY! YAY! I may or may not have sent a group text message out to family with a picture of him standing by the poo-poo in his potty! Haha, gross, but so exciting!

Thursday, January 26


I was trying to think of a title for this blog post because it is just full of random things/thoughts going on and I actually typed the word 'random' into a thesaurus (yep, I am that nerdy) and one of the words it gave back to me was 'slapdash'. Ummm... what is that? Slapdash. I thought it was kind of funny so I decided to use it. So, here is my Slapdash post! haha...

What have we been doing around here with no big projects? Some of this...

How adorable are these? I seriously think that I want a Kindle now because these cases that arrive at my door every day are just so cute! Now that you see some, go order one here! Ha!

We've been doing some of this, too...

I know, look at all of those things that are not recommended for baby and "not a toy." I was watching him. Chill out. I really don't baby proof things around here. We only have locks on 4 cabinet doors (glass and cleaning products) because I am always right there with him and he needs to learn about things anyway.

Tonight I did a little last-minute project for Mark. A project for Mark? Yep. His sweet nephew, Coby, called him tonight and asked if he would come to his "Letter U Show-and-Tell" at school tomorrow as his "Favorite Uncle." So sweet. I made him a t-shirt to wear (ignore the horrible picture, it was is late.)...

I just used freezer paper and fabric paint to make it. I'm not sure why, but it irritated me that some of the paint got under the freezer paper and messed a few letters up. I actually wanted to redo the entire thing, but Mark talked me out of it.

Some more slapdash thoughts...

- Dylan has been suddenly only taking one nap a day. He is also doing much better at trying some new foods like the turkey and cheese sandwich and chicken nuggets. He acts like he is starving all day long, too. It's hard to come up with a bunch of snack ideas for him that he will actually eat!

- I am more than ready for The Voice to come back on. Love that show.

- To clear up rumors (I can't even believe there are rumors about me. I am not even a Kardashian. - I'll get to those girls later.), I went in for a small procedure on Monday to my OB. It's very common and most women have actually had one done. This is my second time. Anyway, apparently people are getting the story all twisted and some saying I have cancer. I do not have cancer. The procedure is called a colposcopy. You may Google it if you want to, but I am not going to go into any details on here. It is not a fun procedure and it is painful, but everything is alright, and once again, no, I do not have cancer.

- Back to those Kardashian's I mentioned... I am tired of seeing people post negative comments about them. Mostly due to the whole Kim/Kris divorce. If the people making this rude comments about them even watched their reality show, they would see that any girl in their right mind would divorce that arrogant jerk, too! I could call him many more names, but I won't. Besides, I love that family. For being in so much spotlight and fame, they sure are doing pretty well and have good family values. I mean, none of them have been checked into rehab or anything. I think this whole Kardashian drama has passed, but I tend to see more comments being friends with so many people in Dallas on Facebook since Lamar has become a Dallas Maverick now.

- I am loving the Scramble with Friends iPhone app. I actually splurged and paid the .99 cents for it. I shouldn't have. It only gets rid of the ad's. The ad's don't bother me anyway. I thought that it would let me keep playing, instead of waiting on tokens, but I still run out and have to wait. 

- I am going to stop my slapdash thoughts for now and watch some recorded TV shows with Mark. Pretty soon, Monkey will be crawling into our bed, anyway. Did I mention that? He sleeps in his bed at night for about the first three hours, then screams until we put him in our bed and then goes straight to sleep. Hmmm...

Monday, January 23

My first hostess job

This past weekend, I hosted a baby shower for our close friend's Briana and Rusty. Believe it or not, this was the first baby shower I have ever done! I was so excited when they asked me to help host it! I actually started planning it a couple of months in advance because I was going to try and make the invitations and all other decor myself, in hopes that they would all look good and work out. I didn't want to go too overboard and tried to keep it classy.

Briana has baby Hadlee's nursery in paisley print and I thought that would be good to carry the paisley print into the shower decor, as well.

I absolutely loved being a part of their special day. I wanted it to be perfect for them. I know that other than your wedding day, at least for me, my baby shower was the other event I dreamed about and wanted everything to be special. Here are a few pictures from the shower...

Briana and Rusty, we love you both and cannot wait to meet sweet Hadlee!

Now, I just feel a bit strange that I am not working on any big project or event right now. I am still busy with the normal things, but I guess I need to find something else to stress me out! ;) Or, maybe not...

Wednesday, January 11

My midweek Random

We are still sick over here. It's a bummer, I know. I think I am getting better, but due to lack of sleep, I am an emotional wreck and the house is in shambles. I really shouldn't be blogging, I should be sleeping. I will go to bed as soon as I finish this, though. Now that I think about it, this post is really pointless and really random...

- I ran across the new 2012 Mudpie collection online today and almost died! Seriously, when I find something I l.o.v.e my heart starts beating like crazy and I feel like I can't look at all of it fast enough. It actually made me wonder if it's the same sort of feeling people that are addicted to things have; like gambling. I guess mine is shopping? Sort of. I didn't go too crazy and just start buying everything. I start going crazy and adding all of it to my 'shopping bag' and then when I go to checkout, I delete pretty much everything, with the exception of the things I can't live without right then! At least I have self control! Kind of. But, y'all, really, one of the new collection's has MONKEYS on it! I was only able to buy two outfits for my monkey since he is starting to outgrow Mudpie products. Here is what I got him...

I actually did start to buy everything with a monkey on it, even though they were made only for sizes 0-6 months thinking that maybe I'll just keep it around in case we have another boy. I talked myself out of that because that'd be stupid to buy monkey stuff for another boy when we clearly wouldn't nickname both kids the same nickname. Anyway, these were the only two things that were left as sizes 2t-3t. I think the other things that may fit him right now wouldn't get worn because he will outgrow them too fast. See, self control.

They also have a bunch of new clothes and pj's for women and I started to get that feeling of anxiousness come over me again looking at all of it. Falling in love. I started pinning some of the things because I felt like I just had to show someone, and Mark wouldn't care! I only ordered one pair of pajama pants for myself because I need to see how all of their stuff fits before I go crazy on the credit card. I ordered all of the mudpie stuff here.

Next random things...

- I think our bedroom has been taken over by water bottles. I seem to take a few drinks out of one and then end up setting it down and forgetting about it before I open another. Most of the time I would still go back and drink them, but since I'm sick, I guess I have to be wasteful and throw all of them out.

- Some of the orders for my shop have been trickling in through the mail this week and it is very exciting. I have to admit, I have had the worst fear that the things would show up and look like a complete mess and then I would have to refund everyone's money! Well, I don't have to do that. They look AWESOME! I actually ordered myself a new one with one of my designs on it and I love love love it! Go order something from me, now! Tell your friends about it, too. I am thankful for so many people that have already referred people to my stuff. I know there are a lot of people out there making the same sort of items, so it means a lot to have people choose my stuff. Really.

- Ok, there was other stuff, but I forgot now. I hate being sick. I sent my husband to the store tonight with a LONG list of stuff I needed him to get because Dylan and I haven't been able to go out, and well, ladies, I'm sure you know what I went through when he came home with the bags of things that were the things I asked for, but wait.... no, they were not. "This is the wrong stuff, this is wrong, too, ... ugh! this is the wrong kind of this, too!" I didn't say all of that! No, not me. Ha. Yes, I did, and probably not as kindly as I just typed that. ;)

- I just realized I need to change the header picture on this blog, too. Christmas is ova!


Monday, January 9

hello again...

It isn't like I haven't had anything to blog about, because a lot has actually been going on around here. However, I  guess I just haven't had any time to blog about any of it.

My Etsy shop is still going. I actually got to a point a few days ago where I felt very overwhelmed with how many orders I was getting and felt like I was falling behind a little bit. Good overwhelmed because I am grateful. I started to feel my throat bothering me and was trying to keep as much of a distance as possible from Dylan in an effort for him not to get sick. Well, it didn't work. I mean, how could it? I feed him all of his food during the day, cuddle with him, rock him to sleep, and the list keeps going! I really did try to not get him sick, but it didn't work. Friday night came and, of course, we heard the worst barky cough sound through the monitor in the middle of the night. We both knew he was getting croup again and, of course, what day is it? Oh yeah, the weekend. The beginning of the weekend when his doctor isn't open until Monday. We were up most of the night with him and then Saturday we took him to a walk-in clinic by our house. It did not come across very kid-friendly and the doctor even seemed annoyed with Dylan fussing. She had to look in a little book that she pulled out of her pocket to try and find a prescription I was telling her to give him. She kept looking up at me from under her glasses like I was an idiot. Well, she finally found the prescription and wrote it out for him. Luckily, we talked to the pharmacist while getting it filled and she had written it for a much higher dosage than what Dylan is supposed to take. I took the prescription anyway, and gave him the smaller dosage of it that we knew he had in the past.

Then Sunday, I took myself to the doctor. I kept getting worse and it wasn't helping anything. So, I sat in a different walk-in clinic by myself because there was no way I was going back to the one we saw the day before. The doctor I saw was great and diagnosed me right away and gave me an antibiotic that I knew would work. In and out. Thank God.

Then Sunday night into Monday morning came and Dylan was getting worse. He even had a fever now. So, thank goodness it was Monday and I called his normal doctor. They got us in right away this morning and we spent a third day at a doctor's office. They gave him an antibiotic and some other samples to help. They also told me about a walk-in clinic that is after-hours that his actual Pediatrician opened here in December. NOW THEY TELL ME! We will definitely go there next time!

So... we will see how tonight goes and hopefully this home will get back in order. I am hoping that I can start picking up less Kleenex day by day. Today was mostly spent with cuddles, naps, sneezes, coughs, the Olympic sporting game of trying to give Dylan medicine after medicine (4 syringes of stuff, two dropper fulls of stuff, and his daily gas medicine - it's a lot to keep up with and a lot to get down him!), and a small game of peek-a-boo while cuddling on the couch together...

I have been meaning to answer some questions I am randomly getting from lots of different people, so here ya go...

- The blanket that Dylan carries around is my baby blanket my grandmother made for me. He loves it  and that makes me happy even though it seems a bit girly with Bambi on it. Sentimental value, y'all.

- He still wears cloth diapers, however, there are many times that he doesn't. For example, he is sick right now and well, if you had to keep changing and washing the stuff that is in his diapers, you would cringe. So, when he is sick, when he goes to someone else's house, or we know that we won't be home very much that day, he wears disposables. Sometimes, I don't have a chance to get them all washed and folded back up each day, too. Or, sometimes, if I know he is about to go no.2, I put him in a disposable just to save myself some time of scrubbing poo out of it. So, basically, he wears both, just depends on the day.

- His ride-on train I ordered a long time ago from The Foundary sale website for a great deal. The brand is Peg-Perego. You can buy extra track to add on to it, and when he learns to steer more, it can also move around without track.

- His large Mickey Mouse was ordered from Amazon

- His large sock monkey was only $17 bucks from a website called LTD Commodities, but I have also run across one on the Toys R Us website, too.

- His little trampoline I ordered from Amazon, again.

Monday, January 2

Looking forward, and behind...

It's going to be hard, but I will try my best to top this past year! I never really do a "New Year Resolution," but last year I made a simple goal to floss everyday. It even sounded like a goofy  lame resolution to me, but I think I am honestly more impressed that I did not skip one day, not at all, on flossing my teeth, than anything else I did during the year (like learning to sew, embroider, screen print, learn more about my camera, test out my graphic design skills, etc.)

Now on to this year...
I'm not sure what I plan to accomplish. I will continue to floss my teeth every day. I'm not even going to try and make some ridiculous workout/lose weight goal, because, well, I was introduced to Nutella this past year and I'm not going to give that up, so all of the losing weight business is already out the window.

I haven't decided yet, but I know that I want to explore more of the graphic design stuff to learn. I have dabbled a bit with all of it the past year by making cupcake toppers, invitations, gift tags, and much more. I wish I would have gone to design school. Woulda, coulda, shoulda, right?!

Even though I know there is so much more to learn, I went ahead and started my own etsy shop. I can't believe I did it. I thought about it one day and then seriously opened the shop the following day. Nothing like diving right in, huh? I am liking it so far and just blown away by all of the positive responses about it! I am crossing my fingers that this isn't going to be one of my million business ideas that fails again. I have had so many business idea flops in the past and ended up out a lot of money in the process. I really hope that this one works out! If you want to take a look at my shop you can go here. I can pretty much make any design with any color/monogram combination possible and put it on pretty much anything! iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, all Kindles, various eReaders, mousepads, iPod touch, Blackberry's, iPads, and much more are just some of the things possible.