Monday, January 9

hello again...

It isn't like I haven't had anything to blog about, because a lot has actually been going on around here. However, I  guess I just haven't had any time to blog about any of it.

My Etsy shop is still going. I actually got to a point a few days ago where I felt very overwhelmed with how many orders I was getting and felt like I was falling behind a little bit. Good overwhelmed because I am grateful. I started to feel my throat bothering me and was trying to keep as much of a distance as possible from Dylan in an effort for him not to get sick. Well, it didn't work. I mean, how could it? I feed him all of his food during the day, cuddle with him, rock him to sleep, and the list keeps going! I really did try to not get him sick, but it didn't work. Friday night came and, of course, we heard the worst barky cough sound through the monitor in the middle of the night. We both knew he was getting croup again and, of course, what day is it? Oh yeah, the weekend. The beginning of the weekend when his doctor isn't open until Monday. We were up most of the night with him and then Saturday we took him to a walk-in clinic by our house. It did not come across very kid-friendly and the doctor even seemed annoyed with Dylan fussing. She had to look in a little book that she pulled out of her pocket to try and find a prescription I was telling her to give him. She kept looking up at me from under her glasses like I was an idiot. Well, she finally found the prescription and wrote it out for him. Luckily, we talked to the pharmacist while getting it filled and she had written it for a much higher dosage than what Dylan is supposed to take. I took the prescription anyway, and gave him the smaller dosage of it that we knew he had in the past.

Then Sunday, I took myself to the doctor. I kept getting worse and it wasn't helping anything. So, I sat in a different walk-in clinic by myself because there was no way I was going back to the one we saw the day before. The doctor I saw was great and diagnosed me right away and gave me an antibiotic that I knew would work. In and out. Thank God.

Then Sunday night into Monday morning came and Dylan was getting worse. He even had a fever now. So, thank goodness it was Monday and I called his normal doctor. They got us in right away this morning and we spent a third day at a doctor's office. They gave him an antibiotic and some other samples to help. They also told me about a walk-in clinic that is after-hours that his actual Pediatrician opened here in December. NOW THEY TELL ME! We will definitely go there next time!

So... we will see how tonight goes and hopefully this home will get back in order. I am hoping that I can start picking up less Kleenex day by day. Today was mostly spent with cuddles, naps, sneezes, coughs, the Olympic sporting game of trying to give Dylan medicine after medicine (4 syringes of stuff, two dropper fulls of stuff, and his daily gas medicine - it's a lot to keep up with and a lot to get down him!), and a small game of peek-a-boo while cuddling on the couch together...

I have been meaning to answer some questions I am randomly getting from lots of different people, so here ya go...

- The blanket that Dylan carries around is my baby blanket my grandmother made for me. He loves it  and that makes me happy even though it seems a bit girly with Bambi on it. Sentimental value, y'all.

- He still wears cloth diapers, however, there are many times that he doesn't. For example, he is sick right now and well, if you had to keep changing and washing the stuff that is in his diapers, you would cringe. So, when he is sick, when he goes to someone else's house, or we know that we won't be home very much that day, he wears disposables. Sometimes, I don't have a chance to get them all washed and folded back up each day, too. Or, sometimes, if I know he is about to go no.2, I put him in a disposable just to save myself some time of scrubbing poo out of it. So, basically, he wears both, just depends on the day.

- His ride-on train I ordered a long time ago from The Foundary sale website for a great deal. The brand is Peg-Perego. You can buy extra track to add on to it, and when he learns to steer more, it can also move around without track.

- His large Mickey Mouse was ordered from Amazon

- His large sock monkey was only $17 bucks from a website called LTD Commodities, but I have also run across one on the Toys R Us website, too.

- His little trampoline I ordered from Amazon, again.


  1. I am so happy that your etsy shop is doing well! I was so happy when you opened it because girl, you have talent!! I am sad to hear that dylan isn't feeling well and I hope he starts to feel better soon so you can all get some rest!

  2. Love the Etsy shop! The blog looks amazing too. Well done!