Wednesday, January 11

My midweek Random

We are still sick over here. It's a bummer, I know. I think I am getting better, but due to lack of sleep, I am an emotional wreck and the house is in shambles. I really shouldn't be blogging, I should be sleeping. I will go to bed as soon as I finish this, though. Now that I think about it, this post is really pointless and really random...

- I ran across the new 2012 Mudpie collection online today and almost died! Seriously, when I find something I l.o.v.e my heart starts beating like crazy and I feel like I can't look at all of it fast enough. It actually made me wonder if it's the same sort of feeling people that are addicted to things have; like gambling. I guess mine is shopping? Sort of. I didn't go too crazy and just start buying everything. I start going crazy and adding all of it to my 'shopping bag' and then when I go to checkout, I delete pretty much everything, with the exception of the things I can't live without right then! At least I have self control! Kind of. But, y'all, really, one of the new collection's has MONKEYS on it! I was only able to buy two outfits for my monkey since he is starting to outgrow Mudpie products. Here is what I got him...

I actually did start to buy everything with a monkey on it, even though they were made only for sizes 0-6 months thinking that maybe I'll just keep it around in case we have another boy. I talked myself out of that because that'd be stupid to buy monkey stuff for another boy when we clearly wouldn't nickname both kids the same nickname. Anyway, these were the only two things that were left as sizes 2t-3t. I think the other things that may fit him right now wouldn't get worn because he will outgrow them too fast. See, self control.

They also have a bunch of new clothes and pj's for women and I started to get that feeling of anxiousness come over me again looking at all of it. Falling in love. I started pinning some of the things because I felt like I just had to show someone, and Mark wouldn't care! I only ordered one pair of pajama pants for myself because I need to see how all of their stuff fits before I go crazy on the credit card. I ordered all of the mudpie stuff here.

Next random things...

- I think our bedroom has been taken over by water bottles. I seem to take a few drinks out of one and then end up setting it down and forgetting about it before I open another. Most of the time I would still go back and drink them, but since I'm sick, I guess I have to be wasteful and throw all of them out.

- Some of the orders for my shop have been trickling in through the mail this week and it is very exciting. I have to admit, I have had the worst fear that the things would show up and look like a complete mess and then I would have to refund everyone's money! Well, I don't have to do that. They look AWESOME! I actually ordered myself a new one with one of my designs on it and I love love love it! Go order something from me, now! Tell your friends about it, too. I am thankful for so many people that have already referred people to my stuff. I know there are a lot of people out there making the same sort of items, so it means a lot to have people choose my stuff. Really.

- Ok, there was other stuff, but I forgot now. I hate being sick. I sent my husband to the store tonight with a LONG list of stuff I needed him to get because Dylan and I haven't been able to go out, and well, ladies, I'm sure you know what I went through when he came home with the bags of things that were the things I asked for, but wait.... no, they were not. "This is the wrong stuff, this is wrong, too, ... ugh! this is the wrong kind of this, too!" I didn't say all of that! No, not me. Ha. Yes, I did, and probably not as kindly as I just typed that. ;)

- I just realized I need to change the header picture on this blog, too. Christmas is ova!



  1. love mudpie! i haven't ever heard of it before! so cute!

  2. Oh, it's the cutest stuff! It can get expensive, though! I always try to buy Dylan mudpie stuff on clearance because it was "last season" lol. But, since the monkey theme stuff is new, I couldn't help to order some full-price stuff :/ just 'cause it's monkey, though!