Monday, January 30

Potty in the Potty

"Do you need to go potty?"

That's seems like all that I am saying lately. I mentioned about a month ago, that I felt like I wanted to start potty training Dylan soon. I had a LOT of negative comments in response, basically just telling me that it is "too early." I had a Babies R Us coupon for 20% off all potty seats the other day and went ahead and decided to buy his potty before the coupon expired. Well, that night, when it was time for Dylan's bath, he didn't have a diaper on and I asked him if he would like to go potty. He nodded his head. How did he know what that meant? I think he knows what potty means because for a couple of months now, when he goes no.2, we find him sort of "hiding" and talk to him about what he is doing. So, I set him on his new potty seat and told him to push. He tries to mimic me pushing and immediately went pee-pee in the potty!

That was three days ago.

Since then, when asked if he needs to go potty,  he will shake his head yes or no. If he shakes yes, I take him to the potty and have him push. He has gone pee-pee nearly every time. He is doing very well and I am a very proud Mommy.

Why do I think it's working?

I have low expectation for it right now. It is early. He is 15-months old. Does this mean I'm not going to keep it up and keep trying? No. He can do it. I am just not expecting him to do it every single time. I am honestly more interested in getting him used to his potty seat and "trying." I know that potty training can be a trying time for everyone and I do not see any harm in trying to get him comfortable with it early. I hope that this cycle continues and progresses. No matter what, I'm a proud Mommy and haters are gonna hate! lol

***UPDATE: I started writing this post early this morning. After Dylan woke up from his afternoon nap, I took him to his potty. He went pee-pee, then we ate lunch. After he ate, we went to the potty and he went no. 2 in the potty! NUMBER TWO! IN THE POTTY! YAY! I may or may not have sent a group text message out to family with a picture of him standing by the poo-poo in his potty! Haha, gross, but so exciting!

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