Thursday, January 26


I was trying to think of a title for this blog post because it is just full of random things/thoughts going on and I actually typed the word 'random' into a thesaurus (yep, I am that nerdy) and one of the words it gave back to me was 'slapdash'. Ummm... what is that? Slapdash. I thought it was kind of funny so I decided to use it. So, here is my Slapdash post! haha...

What have we been doing around here with no big projects? Some of this...

How adorable are these? I seriously think that I want a Kindle now because these cases that arrive at my door every day are just so cute! Now that you see some, go order one here! Ha!

We've been doing some of this, too...

I know, look at all of those things that are not recommended for baby and "not a toy." I was watching him. Chill out. I really don't baby proof things around here. We only have locks on 4 cabinet doors (glass and cleaning products) because I am always right there with him and he needs to learn about things anyway.

Tonight I did a little last-minute project for Mark. A project for Mark? Yep. His sweet nephew, Coby, called him tonight and asked if he would come to his "Letter U Show-and-Tell" at school tomorrow as his "Favorite Uncle." So sweet. I made him a t-shirt to wear (ignore the horrible picture, it was is late.)...

I just used freezer paper and fabric paint to make it. I'm not sure why, but it irritated me that some of the paint got under the freezer paper and messed a few letters up. I actually wanted to redo the entire thing, but Mark talked me out of it.

Some more slapdash thoughts...

- Dylan has been suddenly only taking one nap a day. He is also doing much better at trying some new foods like the turkey and cheese sandwich and chicken nuggets. He acts like he is starving all day long, too. It's hard to come up with a bunch of snack ideas for him that he will actually eat!

- I am more than ready for The Voice to come back on. Love that show.

- To clear up rumors (I can't even believe there are rumors about me. I am not even a Kardashian. - I'll get to those girls later.), I went in for a small procedure on Monday to my OB. It's very common and most women have actually had one done. This is my second time. Anyway, apparently people are getting the story all twisted and some saying I have cancer. I do not have cancer. The procedure is called a colposcopy. You may Google it if you want to, but I am not going to go into any details on here. It is not a fun procedure and it is painful, but everything is alright, and once again, no, I do not have cancer.

- Back to those Kardashian's I mentioned... I am tired of seeing people post negative comments about them. Mostly due to the whole Kim/Kris divorce. If the people making this rude comments about them even watched their reality show, they would see that any girl in their right mind would divorce that arrogant jerk, too! I could call him many more names, but I won't. Besides, I love that family. For being in so much spotlight and fame, they sure are doing pretty well and have good family values. I mean, none of them have been checked into rehab or anything. I think this whole Kardashian drama has passed, but I tend to see more comments being friends with so many people in Dallas on Facebook since Lamar has become a Dallas Maverick now.

- I am loving the Scramble with Friends iPhone app. I actually splurged and paid the .99 cents for it. I shouldn't have. It only gets rid of the ad's. The ad's don't bother me anyway. I thought that it would let me keep playing, instead of waiting on tokens, but I still run out and have to wait. 

- I am going to stop my slapdash thoughts for now and watch some recorded TV shows with Mark. Pretty soon, Monkey will be crawling into our bed, anyway. Did I mention that? He sleeps in his bed at night for about the first three hours, then screams until we put him in our bed and then goes straight to sleep. Hmmm...


  1. Love your post! :) But...we let Jake do that when he was Dylan's age and guess what? He still comes down in the middle of the night to getin bed with us. Then on Friday and Saturday, he thnks that Jon's spot is on the coach or upstairs in the gameroom. haha Which means Jake's spot is right next to me. :) Ican't turn him away though b,c he is my baby!

  2. slapdash thoughts on the slapdash post....(maybe the word will become helpful in words with friends?)a.) you should def. get a kindle, they are awesome! I just LOVE mine! I will be ordering a cover from you soon. b.) I also let bug crawl around and play with things that are "not for childre," i.e. plastic bags...but I am supervising, c.) The shirt looks GREAT! don't worry about what YOUR eyes see, it looks perfect to me! d.)how many naps did dylan take before? 2? e.) I also love the Kardaashians, mostly Khloe and Kourtney cause they seem more real and down to earth than Kim. I must say that Kris has done one hell of a job with all of them and maintained her sanity...phew, they make me tired just thinkng about momaging them all!

    ONE DAY I WILL BEAT YOU! hahah, at scramble or heck, even words with friends....

    now that this has become it's own personal blog post...hope you all are well! can't wait to see what projects you have come up with next!

  3. The most naps he has ever taken is two in a day. Now, those were both "forced naps." That means, I had to go in his room with him and turn on his lullaby music and do my leg squats while holding him and then moving to the rocking chair to rock him, then laying him down in his crib to sleep (usually only an hour). It has always been a fight for him to go to sleep, even at night time. Now, I still do the same thing during the day, it has just turned into only one nap for the past week, instead of two. His nap times are my chance to actually get something done, like even get myself dressed for the day, but for some reason, he has been needing me to rock him during his entire nap, thus I stay in pj's all day and nothing gets done. Oh well. Maybe when he is 16, he will be down to one bottle a day and nap on his own, lol.