Tuesday, February 28

the usual

Wow, it feels like it's been a long time since I last blogged. I always think that there isn't much need to post a blog about our everyday life when nothing really exciting is going on, but I guess some thing's have been exciting...

- Our friend's, Briana & Rusty, finally had baby Hadlee,

- Dylan got a double-ear infection and had a rash from head-to-toe, literally,

- the rash was apparently from his infection (weird.)

- Dylan was just getting better and the rash has been disappearing more each day

- I got an ear infection and was vomiting the same time that Dylan was sick

- I am better and now, Mark is getting sick. Coughing, sneezing, headaches, etc.

- Now, Dylan is getting what Mark has and I am trying everything in my power to prevent it from turning into croup again

- Hurley (our dog) hurt his foot from running so much outside this weekend when we played in the nice weather. He ripped the padding off of one of his paws and is limping. Poor puppy.

- I have been swamped with orders in my Etsy shop. Overwhelmed, but thankful.

- Since Dylan got sick a few weeks ago, potty training took 10 steps back and is pretty non-existent right now,

- Still planning the big Easter EGGstravaganza and got the invitations made :)

That pretty much sums up what has been going on around here... sounds fun, right?

Wednesday, February 15

Our Valentine's Day

I never had a "valentine" when I was younger and I am still not bitter about the holiday. I know many people consider Valentine's Day a made-up holiday that is "stupid," but I don't. I think it's fun to have a day to show people that you love how much you care about them. Actions do speak louder than words, after all. I think guys actually need a day on the calendar that they are required to show someone that they love them since most of them get away with never having to do anything.

We didn't do anything too over-the-top this year. We really never do. Mark and I have always avoided even going to dinner on this holiday since it is so busy. We always picked a different day that week to go out and celebrate. We decided that we will actually go to dinner and see a movie this Thursday, while Dylan is hanging out with his Mimi and PaPaw. We just exchanged gifts with each other and had a little surprise for Dylan, too.

We recorded one of those Hallmark books, "All the Ways I Love You," for Dylan. It's really a cute book! I also got him some red converse shoes that he will have to grow into. I think he was more interested in the red balloon than anything, go figure.

He wore his Valentine shirt and we read a couple of Valentine-themed books together. Later in the day, I added a drop of food coloring to his yogurt and spooned the different colors out like paint for him to play with/eat. He loved it! It was a mess and I wasn't able to get all of it out of his hair until bath time, but he got his snack time in and got to play at the same time. While he played, I added colored water to ice cube trays that I plan to put in the bathtub with him sometime this week to play with for fun.

When Daddy got home... Is that weird that I just typed "Daddy"? I think it sounds funny. Anyway, when Mark got home, he and I exchanged gifts and then went to visit friends, Rusty and Briana. Nothing too extravagant, right? But, the day was acknowledged as I think it should be. My son will be raised to see the importance in this day, as all holidays/birthdays.

I made Mark a card and got him Xbox LIVE and a headset to go with that. He got me the Silhouette Cameo that I have been wanting. I am going to make some awesome stuff with this thing, I can feel it! ;)

Tuesday, February 14

Weekend Slapdash

Mark and I finally got to watch Breaking Dawn last night, or I guess this morning. We didn't get to start it until 12:30 because that's the only time we get to watch what we want to watch. It was good! I was shocked at how gross some parts were, but it is a movie story about vampires... This was the book in the series I have never gotten a chance to read, so everything was a surprise.

We made some Valentine treats and, seriously, they are soo good! I honestly did not think a marshmallow dipped in chocolate and graham crackers could really be that awesome, but they are! Seriously. Mark even ate some and if you know him, that's a big deal. He thinks s'mores are gross, but liked these, too! Yum-o! Go make some. They are really easy to make, too!

I made couple baby gift crafts for Briana and Rusty. We are all anxiously waiting for Hadlee to make her appearance. I made a hospital door sign, which I copied the idea from Allison (of course, I'm so lame) at Lullaby Lubbock. I guess I'm a good copy cat, but this project was NOT easy! I won't go into the details, but this was one that I had to go to Plan B and so on for every single step. I doubt she had this much trouble when she did it. Oh well, I know what not to do next time and it still turned out pretty cute! The bottom part was made with chalkboard paint so you can fill in the date, time, weight, and height once she is born. I also made her one of my personalized baby gowns, too.

Today (Sunday) we got a winter blast with snow! I am glad I bought some snow pants for little monkey a while back. He was able to go play in it with me for a little bit. We didn't make it very long, since he slipped on the slick brick and fell face first into a pile of snow. I think it was time to come in, 10 minutes into it, anyway.

The rest of the day was spent inside, eating powdered donuts, wearing fuzzy slippers, and coloring. He was much more interested in the front of the coloring book that was already in color.

Monday, February 6


We took Dylan for his 15-month check-up last week. He is doing very well and we talked to his doctor about his potty training. She said to go ahead and keep pursuing it if he wants to, and he does. He has been doing very well. Yes, he still wears diapers and goes in those more than not, but he does sit down on his potty and push to go when we ask him to. I think it's mostly our fault for not asking him more often if he needs to go.

The doctor basically, in less words, wants him off of his bottle and formula. We do too, but it's been so hard! This kid loves his bottle! We started trying that afternoon just filling his entire bottle with soy milk instead of formula and he drank it with no problems. The next morning, he had an all-soy bottle with his breakfast and then never even needed another bottle the rest of the day. That's basically it. He is done with his bottles and formula that fast. I am not sure if we were doing it wrong the other times trying to get him away from them, or maybe he is just ready now. He is such a big boy!

All packed up...

So weird. I all of a sudden have a LOT more counter space!

We haven't really done much lately. I did a small (and annoying) craft the past couple of days. It always seems like an easy project and then you have to go to Plan B, then C, then D, and so on... more on that in another post! I am about to start planning a big Easter party, too. It's going to be an EGGstravaganza! ;)

Today I let Dylan watercolor paint. I put a number 15 on the paper with freezer paper before he started painting to mark that he was 15-months when he did this. He enjoyed it and then started trying to lick all of the paints. Then, it was time to stop. :)