Monday, February 6


We took Dylan for his 15-month check-up last week. He is doing very well and we talked to his doctor about his potty training. She said to go ahead and keep pursuing it if he wants to, and he does. He has been doing very well. Yes, he still wears diapers and goes in those more than not, but he does sit down on his potty and push to go when we ask him to. I think it's mostly our fault for not asking him more often if he needs to go.

The doctor basically, in less words, wants him off of his bottle and formula. We do too, but it's been so hard! This kid loves his bottle! We started trying that afternoon just filling his entire bottle with soy milk instead of formula and he drank it with no problems. The next morning, he had an all-soy bottle with his breakfast and then never even needed another bottle the rest of the day. That's basically it. He is done with his bottles and formula that fast. I am not sure if we were doing it wrong the other times trying to get him away from them, or maybe he is just ready now. He is such a big boy!

All packed up...

So weird. I all of a sudden have a LOT more counter space!

We haven't really done much lately. I did a small (and annoying) craft the past couple of days. It always seems like an easy project and then you have to go to Plan B, then C, then D, and so on... more on that in another post! I am about to start planning a big Easter party, too. It's going to be an EGGstravaganza! ;)

Today I let Dylan watercolor paint. I put a number 15 on the paper with freezer paper before he started painting to mark that he was 15-months when he did this. He enjoyed it and then started trying to lick all of the paints. Then, it was time to stop. :)

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  1. I LOVE the watercolor!! I may be stealing this, eventually!