Tuesday, February 14

Weekend Slapdash

Mark and I finally got to watch Breaking Dawn last night, or I guess this morning. We didn't get to start it until 12:30 because that's the only time we get to watch what we want to watch. It was good! I was shocked at how gross some parts were, but it is a movie story about vampires... This was the book in the series I have never gotten a chance to read, so everything was a surprise.

We made some Valentine treats and, seriously, they are soo good! I honestly did not think a marshmallow dipped in chocolate and graham crackers could really be that awesome, but they are! Seriously. Mark even ate some and if you know him, that's a big deal. He thinks s'mores are gross, but liked these, too! Yum-o! Go make some. They are really easy to make, too!

I made couple baby gift crafts for Briana and Rusty. We are all anxiously waiting for Hadlee to make her appearance. I made a hospital door sign, which I copied the idea from Allison (of course, I'm so lame) at Lullaby Lubbock. I guess I'm a good copy cat, but this project was NOT easy! I won't go into the details, but this was one that I had to go to Plan B and so on for every single step. I doubt she had this much trouble when she did it. Oh well, I know what not to do next time and it still turned out pretty cute! The bottom part was made with chalkboard paint so you can fill in the date, time, weight, and height once she is born. I also made her one of my personalized baby gowns, too.

Today (Sunday) we got a winter blast with snow! I am glad I bought some snow pants for little monkey a while back. He was able to go play in it with me for a little bit. We didn't make it very long, since he slipped on the slick brick and fell face first into a pile of snow. I think it was time to come in, 10 minutes into it, anyway.

The rest of the day was spent inside, eating powdered donuts, wearing fuzzy slippers, and coloring. He was much more interested in the front of the coloring book that was already in color.

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