Thursday, March 1

Dylan update

So, in my last post, I mentioned that I thought Dylan was getting over his sickness and ear infection. I think he was, but then Tuesday morning, he woke up with a cough. I immediately thought it would turn into croup again with him and started trying to fight it during the day with him drinking a lot, taking sinus medicine, and giving him lots of oranges. He had no appetite and kept wanting to sleep! If anyone knows my child, this is a red flag that something is wrong! He never, and I mean never, wants to sleep. Later that evening, I decided to take  his temperature after he felt very warm to me. His temperature was 102.4. I gave him some Tylenol to try and bring it down and we loaded the car and took him to the clinic.

By the time the doctor saw him, his temp had reached 103.5. He got very upset with the doctor trying to look in his ears and mouth and started to throw up and then his rash came back all over his face. The doctor told us that we "shouldn't be worried" and that it's probably "just a fever". That made me upset and so when we left, I called his doctor's on-call nurse. She said that he probably picked up a secondary virus on top of his ear infection. To keep the Tylenol going every 4 hours and try to keep him hydrated. I did that. He loves his Pedialyte popcicles and I got him to eat two of those and some crackers. I fought his temperature all night and it wouldn't get below 100. This is also how my bed looked during the night, you can tell I got a lot of sleep, right?!

The next morning, he acted a little bit more like himself. He didn't feel like sleeping the entire day this time. I also was able to keep his temp at 99. Here he is taking a nap... this is normally how his naps go. He would rather play, laugh, chat, hit, scream, than take a nap...
You can see the rash that is now back on his cheeks. You can't feel the bumps, so hopefully, they will disappear soon. He got his appetite back more yesterday and even ate a kid's meal from Chick-Fil-A. All of his nuggets and fries were gone. Around bed time, when I checked his temp, it was only 98.7! He gave me a high-five for that! :)

He slept sooo good next to us last night and didn't wake up at all! I checked his temp this morning and it was still 98.7, so that's good...

Here he is today...

Up to trouble and playing again! His rash is still on his face, but I think we might be on the road to recovery *fingers crossed*

P.S. - this is all after Mommy meltdowns and I definitely cried on the phone to the nurse, like a drama queen, and to my own mom. I hate seeing my baby sick!

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