Friday, March 23

So behind...

I feel so behind on everything lately! However, I am still managing to get stuff done. We've had a lot going on! Mark turned the big 3-0. My parents came to help celebrate with us. I made Mark a giant rice crispy cake because he always says he doesn't want a cake! He loved it!

Dylan and I made the trip back to Dallas with my mom & dad to go see my sister and brother-in-law since they were in town.

While we were gone, Mark had a list of several things to do. Some of them got done. Remember a long time ago when I said I got a kitchen table for 8 bucks? Well, I did. It was at a garage sale in Lubbock ghetto. Seriously, it was the ghetto; chain link fences, random animals wandering the streets, people sitting in lawn chairs on their porch,, get my point? It needed to be painted and fixed up a little bit and Mark finally got around to painting it. I was going to have him paint it white, but since I found some similar chairs to our bar stools at Ikea, I was afraid the whites wouldn't match, so he painted it silver sage - our go-to color for everything. I wish I would have taken a before picture, but oh well, here is the AFTER picture! Looks good!
I did get four chairs, but Mark only felt like putting two of them together so far... story of my life...

I was doing so good with the photo-a-day challenge for March, but that just flew out the window. I don't know if I should even bother to catch up on it now. We'll see.

My Easter Egg Hunt Eggstravaganza invitations went out. Still waiting on RSVP's. I've been using my new Silhouette machine to get things ready for it and so excited! I would take a picture of the stuff I've made, but that would just spoil the surprise!

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