Saturday, April 28

A new bike!

No... not for Dylan, for ME! I actually have a fairly new bike as it is. I got it right before we moved into our house, so it's about 5 years old and I can probably count on one hand how many times it was ridden. It's the cute light blue Huffy beach cruiser. This is because I have always been very uncomfortable on it. If you don't know me, I am off-the-charts short and the bike was too tall. At one point, Mark even cut the bar that holds the seat down as far as he could to make it even shorter and it still was uncomfortable. I could ride it, but it honestly hurt. It was weird. Go ahead, laugh it up. I know, it's pathetic that I can't ride a normal adult bike.

Since Mark bought a baby seat for on the back of his bike and has been taking Dylan for rides, I went ahead and ordered myself a new one, because most regular stores don't carry the one size smaller that I needed. The size difference, in case you're wondering, is just the size of tires. Normal adult bikes are typically 26" and I ordered a 24". We got it a couple of days ago and Mark put it together today. It fits me perfectly and is really cute. I picked out a plain white one, even though it comes in many other colors. There were a few stickers on it, like the brand name and style, and we peeled those off. You don't think I actually left it plain, do you? I added my own little touch to it...

We went on a bike ride tonight and I really like my new bike! It was so much more comfortable and great! I know I did a really great job "selling" my old bike by saying how uncomfortable it is, but I am pretty sure that is because it is too tall for me. With that being said, if anyone wants to buy it (cheap!), then tell me! lol

 My embroidery hat hoop arrived this week and I was able to try it out and monogram a simple plain white baseball hat I picked up at Target for $6. The sewing machine came unthreaded somehow while it was embroidering and I had to stop it and rethread it. I was watching it and thought that something looked weird with the thread and then the machine stopped and told me. If I would have stopped it when I noticed it, it would have turned out much better, but I guess that is just something you learn the more you do that kind of stuff. I am sure no one would notice, but if you look close, the bottom left of the letter K is a little messed up because of this. Oh well...

Thursday, April 26

new rug

We got a new rug for the living room! It's kind of a big deal... if you have never had to purchase a rug(s), you may not understand, but they are big purchases. I honestly never understood how much of a big purchase they are until I actually lived in a home with all wood floors and had to buy rugs. In most cases, they are the same, if not more, price of putting new carpet in a room. If you've never had to do that either, well, don't say I didn't warn you when the day comes.

Anyway, we have had a rug in the living room since we moved in, but it was never our favorite. It was fine, though. It was on clearance at Pottery Barn and we purchased it because we knew the colors would look alright and we needed one at the time. A long time ago, Mark and I were somewhere and saw this rug and the both of us loved it! It wasn't even something either of us thought we would like, but we did. It's even a big deal when both of you like something. Well, we saw the price, realized we already have a rug that is just fine, and forgot about it. Then came Pinterest. I have been haunted by this rug even more by this website, because apparently my our love for it is also shared by thousands of other, too. It's always popping up getting 'pinned' as a dream rug that everyone seems to want. Well, last week, it went on sale. I let the thought sit for a while, then brought it up to Mark, and long story short, we ended up buying it. It arrived yesterday and looks fabulous! It's more of a darker red than I remembered. I knew it was an orange/red color, but it seems more red than orange to me, which is fine. I thought I may need to get new pillows, thinking, they would clash, and I still may, but I think they look just fine for right now, until I find, or make, some others.

 If you're wondering about it, it is from Anthropologie and also comes in other colors, but those aren't on sale right now. It sure adds some color to the room and I cant keep the animals off of it. I'm not sure if they think it is super soft, like the smell, or just think it is fun because it is new, but Hurley and Chiko have been laying on it all day. The pictures aren't too great because it is kind of cloudy today and I couldn't get any good light in the room, but you get the idea...

Oh, and Dylan loves his new booster seat that I made him. He likes to sit on it all of the time!

Saturday, April 21


I am officially in mourning of Picnik closing! I had to use PicMonkey today! It wasn't bad. It was good, but I miss Picnik and all of the wonderful collages I can make with my pictures. Oh well. Out with the old, I guess... Speaking of out with the old, I took down all of my "Keep Calm" prints I hung in the dining room and put up a cute spoon and fork that we bought at an estate sale. I decided to get a large print of the "Keep Calm and Kari On" to frame and put in the office. I didn't want to spend an arm and a leg on it, since it was going to be so large, so what did I do? Made it myself, duh! I found the "Keep Calm" font and made my very own poster. I uploaded my design to Zazzle and had them print it out as poster size for me. It was 4 bucks! Put it in an Ikea frame and there you have it!

I like it better. :) What else? Let's see... I was busy for a few days making some cute Smurfette birthday invitations for our niece, Kati's party coming up.

Dylan has been turning into a big boy more and more each day! He has started standing and crawling (well, trying to) out of his high chair. I don't mind that he wants to get down when he is finished eating, but it scares me that he is going to fall. So, I finally made him a booster seat today. I have had the fabric for it for a long time now and since he started this new 'thing', I decided we could try it out. I got the pattern/instructions from the book, One Yard Wonders, I got a few months ago, I think. We will see if he likes it! The tractor placemat is the one that I got for free from Inkgarden. You design one, and then enter code placefree at checkout. It's cute! You may have seen that I pinned the deal on Pinterest a couple of times, too. :)

This big boy also brought me some flowers this morning that he picked from the neighbor's house. Haha... sweet little monkey! Like his shirt? His Mommy made it!!! :) I put his flowers in a cup of water in the kitchen window because it was too sweet!

Sunday, April 15

Our Weekend

Dylan turned 18 months old on Friday! Yippy! Yes, that was justification enough for me to buy him a new toy. He is spoiled, but not rotten. I saw this water table online and our Toys R Us had one, and so that was his "new toy". Since it has been so windy outside these past few days, I didn't want him outside very much with all of the blowing dirt, so I decided to put down a LOT of beach towels in the kitchen and let him play with his water table. I was brave! The 6 or 7 beach towels were completely soaked in a matter of minutes! His cup was taken away from him a few times when he was getting a little too wild with it, but he was able to keep entertaining himself pretty well! It was cute and fun, but I think I will have it outside the next time.

He also got to go on a bike ride with Daddy a couple of times in the evening when it wasn't so windy, since he bought a baby bike seat to put on the back of his. He loved it! Oh, and check out how adorable he is in flip flops! I'm so glad he will wear them because I know most kids won't!

I seemed to get a few comments and questions this weekend after my Facebook status, "I love doing and buying things for Dylan because he actually says, "thank you" :) I bet there are a lot of people that could learn from my 18-month old!" I got caught up in posting a Facebook status out of anger and frustration. I am very proud of Dylan's manners and always have been, but have just realized that not everyone bothers to even teach their children those "magic words". For me, it goes even deeper than just words, but the fact that they need to learn to appreciate the things others do for them.

I have been feeling under appreciated lately, as I am sure almost every mother does, but it isn't by my own child or husband, just in general. I can't control how others teach their children, or even how they respond, but I am determined to try my best to teach Dylan to express appreciation better than what I have witnessed lately by other children (and adults).

Let's end on a happy note... might not be a big deal to anyone else, but I am so happy to announce that Dylan has been drinking 2% milk at dinner for two nights in a row now! There have been no bad reactions to it as there were in the past, a.k.a no. 2 explosions. This means that maybe, just maybe, he might not be allergic to milk products like we have been thinking he was. I'll let ya know how it turns out, but I am pretty happy about it! :)

Tuesday, April 10


Dylan's very first concert was tonight; Elmo Makes Music! I wasn't sure what to expect out of it. The tickets didn't cost too much, so if he hated it, we could leave and I wouldn't feel horrible. I thought that we might as well give it a try. He was very excited when we got there and just loved pointing to everything he saw that had "Melmo" on it. I strategically picked out our seats when I ordered tickets to be the very first row not on the floor and right on the end to provide him more space to move around. I got a couple of pictures of us before we left to go...

We got him one of those light up spinner toys and he got to pose next to the Elmo cutout for a picture. He was actually leaning in to give him a hug - so sweet! He loved having the freedom of the floor area right by us and could dance and walk around like crazy. Plus, he could climb up and down the stairs non-stop...

Our seats were in "the spot" for when the characters would come off of the stage and into the audience. They all came over to Dylan and loved on him. It was exciting...

He had a good time and I made sure that he had taken a good long nap before we went. I think Daddy will need a good long nap before next time, as he was not nearly as patient as I was with letting Dylan run around, dance, etc. He felt very uncomfortable letting him down out of the chair or his lap that he may disturb other people. I was the exact opposite and let him run free and didn't mind chasing behind him. He is only 18 months. He doesn't know any better. He definitely dashed towards the stage in an effort to go play with Elmo and was stopped by security if I couldn't reach him fast enough.

Sunday, April 8

Happy Easter!

Dylan woke up this morning very early and very hungry! That's a good thing, because he wouldn't eat anything yesterday! He is feeling much better and it is such a relief to me. Now, I just need to get myself better. Now I have an ear ache, it's bright red and hurts. I am hoping that I don't have an ear infection now, too, but I have a feeling I do. I will try to fight it off the best I can.

 Meanwhile, Dylan got to open his Easter presents today! My Dad made him a custom "Monkey's Market"! It's adorable! When he got his shopping cart this past Christmas, we knew he needed his very own market to shop at with it, naturally! He made it for him and my mom made the little fabric top on it. The fruit and veggies are from Ikea. He also got his Easter basket full of goodies from the Easter Bunny! He LOVED The Wiggles items that were in it! Everything else was just tossed to the side. I'll bet the Easter Bunny could have saved a whole lot of money if he would have just gotten Wiggles things... just sayin'. ;)

Saturday, April 7

Dylan's EGGstravaganza!

Today was the big day of our EGGstravaganza Egg Hunt we were having. It almost seemed like deja vu trying to get everything prepped and ready just like Monkey's 1st Birthday! We were, once again, putting the last touches on everything right as the first guests arrived. It was quite the scramble in the last minutes because Dylan had quite a morning! He woke up extremely hot and achy. I took his temp and he had a slight fever, but also was bothered by his ears and even has some scratches on one of them.

My mom and dad held down the fort and tried to get as much done as they could while Mark was at work and I took Dylan to the Kids Clinic. The doctor was FABULOUS :) and discovered that Dylan has horrible double ear infection, sinus infection, AND tonsillitis :( He has felt horrible all day long, but the party must go on!

My sweet baby tried his very best to behave and pick up some eggs, but it was pretty obvious that he wasn't his normal self. I hope he gets to feeling better soon! It has been breaking my heart (and my back having to hold him constantly) seeing how bad he is feeling.

Here are some pictures from the party. I would have had more, and done a few more things, but since we were in a time crunch, many things didn't get cute little labels made for them and such.

In case you're wondering...

I filled roughly 1,000 eggs for the hunt! Fun times! I made all of their Easter buckets, as well. The buckets were plain pink and blue and came from Hobby Lobby. I got to use my Silhouette machine to cut out the bunnies and then their names to go on them in vinyl. They turned out so cute and I couldn't be happier with them! I made the invitations and water bottle labels to match. One of the toughest projects was making the sugar cookies with flat polka dots on them. If you want to try it out yourself, I learned by watching several How-To videos on the University of Cookie's blog. Dylan's sweet little outfit was ordered from Zulily like a year ago. I had to take a guess on the size and although he will have outgrown it tomorrow, he squeezed into it today and I think he looked like the cutest little Easter monkey ever!! :)

We tried to take a "family picture" together. Can you tell which picture that is? Dylan was NOT happy about it. He has already had one bad encounter with the Easter Bunny this week...

Poor thing! :( Maybe next year??

P.S. - While doing this post, Blogger made me PAY for extra storage for pictures. I didn't know that could even happen. Big bummer. I paid. You got pictures. :)