Sunday, April 8

Happy Easter!

Dylan woke up this morning very early and very hungry! That's a good thing, because he wouldn't eat anything yesterday! He is feeling much better and it is such a relief to me. Now, I just need to get myself better. Now I have an ear ache, it's bright red and hurts. I am hoping that I don't have an ear infection now, too, but I have a feeling I do. I will try to fight it off the best I can.

 Meanwhile, Dylan got to open his Easter presents today! My Dad made him a custom "Monkey's Market"! It's adorable! When he got his shopping cart this past Christmas, we knew he needed his very own market to shop at with it, naturally! He made it for him and my mom made the little fabric top on it. The fruit and veggies are from Ikea. He also got his Easter basket full of goodies from the Easter Bunny! He LOVED The Wiggles items that were in it! Everything else was just tossed to the side. I'll bet the Easter Bunny could have saved a whole lot of money if he would have just gotten Wiggles things... just sayin'. ;)

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