Saturday, April 21


I am officially in mourning of Picnik closing! I had to use PicMonkey today! It wasn't bad. It was good, but I miss Picnik and all of the wonderful collages I can make with my pictures. Oh well. Out with the old, I guess... Speaking of out with the old, I took down all of my "Keep Calm" prints I hung in the dining room and put up a cute spoon and fork that we bought at an estate sale. I decided to get a large print of the "Keep Calm and Kari On" to frame and put in the office. I didn't want to spend an arm and a leg on it, since it was going to be so large, so what did I do? Made it myself, duh! I found the "Keep Calm" font and made my very own poster. I uploaded my design to Zazzle and had them print it out as poster size for me. It was 4 bucks! Put it in an Ikea frame and there you have it!

I like it better. :) What else? Let's see... I was busy for a few days making some cute Smurfette birthday invitations for our niece, Kati's party coming up.

Dylan has been turning into a big boy more and more each day! He has started standing and crawling (well, trying to) out of his high chair. I don't mind that he wants to get down when he is finished eating, but it scares me that he is going to fall. So, I finally made him a booster seat today. I have had the fabric for it for a long time now and since he started this new 'thing', I decided we could try it out. I got the pattern/instructions from the book, One Yard Wonders, I got a few months ago, I think. We will see if he likes it! The tractor placemat is the one that I got for free from Inkgarden. You design one, and then enter code placefree at checkout. It's cute! You may have seen that I pinned the deal on Pinterest a couple of times, too. :)

This big boy also brought me some flowers this morning that he picked from the neighbor's house. Haha... sweet little monkey! Like his shirt? His Mommy made it!!! :) I put his flowers in a cup of water in the kitchen window because it was too sweet!

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