Saturday, April 28

A new bike!

No... not for Dylan, for ME! I actually have a fairly new bike as it is. I got it right before we moved into our house, so it's about 5 years old and I can probably count on one hand how many times it was ridden. It's the cute light blue Huffy beach cruiser. This is because I have always been very uncomfortable on it. If you don't know me, I am off-the-charts short and the bike was too tall. At one point, Mark even cut the bar that holds the seat down as far as he could to make it even shorter and it still was uncomfortable. I could ride it, but it honestly hurt. It was weird. Go ahead, laugh it up. I know, it's pathetic that I can't ride a normal adult bike.

Since Mark bought a baby seat for on the back of his bike and has been taking Dylan for rides, I went ahead and ordered myself a new one, because most regular stores don't carry the one size smaller that I needed. The size difference, in case you're wondering, is just the size of tires. Normal adult bikes are typically 26" and I ordered a 24". We got it a couple of days ago and Mark put it together today. It fits me perfectly and is really cute. I picked out a plain white one, even though it comes in many other colors. There were a few stickers on it, like the brand name and style, and we peeled those off. You don't think I actually left it plain, do you? I added my own little touch to it...

We went on a bike ride tonight and I really like my new bike! It was so much more comfortable and great! I know I did a really great job "selling" my old bike by saying how uncomfortable it is, but I am pretty sure that is because it is too tall for me. With that being said, if anyone wants to buy it (cheap!), then tell me! lol

 My embroidery hat hoop arrived this week and I was able to try it out and monogram a simple plain white baseball hat I picked up at Target for $6. The sewing machine came unthreaded somehow while it was embroidering and I had to stop it and rethread it. I was watching it and thought that something looked weird with the thread and then the machine stopped and told me. If I would have stopped it when I noticed it, it would have turned out much better, but I guess that is just something you learn the more you do that kind of stuff. I am sure no one would notice, but if you look close, the bottom left of the letter K is a little messed up because of this. Oh well...

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