Thursday, April 26

new rug

We got a new rug for the living room! It's kind of a big deal... if you have never had to purchase a rug(s), you may not understand, but they are big purchases. I honestly never understood how much of a big purchase they are until I actually lived in a home with all wood floors and had to buy rugs. In most cases, they are the same, if not more, price of putting new carpet in a room. If you've never had to do that either, well, don't say I didn't warn you when the day comes.

Anyway, we have had a rug in the living room since we moved in, but it was never our favorite. It was fine, though. It was on clearance at Pottery Barn and we purchased it because we knew the colors would look alright and we needed one at the time. A long time ago, Mark and I were somewhere and saw this rug and the both of us loved it! It wasn't even something either of us thought we would like, but we did. It's even a big deal when both of you like something. Well, we saw the price, realized we already have a rug that is just fine, and forgot about it. Then came Pinterest. I have been haunted by this rug even more by this website, because apparently my our love for it is also shared by thousands of other, too. It's always popping up getting 'pinned' as a dream rug that everyone seems to want. Well, last week, it went on sale. I let the thought sit for a while, then brought it up to Mark, and long story short, we ended up buying it. It arrived yesterday and looks fabulous! It's more of a darker red than I remembered. I knew it was an orange/red color, but it seems more red than orange to me, which is fine. I thought I may need to get new pillows, thinking, they would clash, and I still may, but I think they look just fine for right now, until I find, or make, some others.

 If you're wondering about it, it is from Anthropologie and also comes in other colors, but those aren't on sale right now. It sure adds some color to the room and I cant keep the animals off of it. I'm not sure if they think it is super soft, like the smell, or just think it is fun because it is new, but Hurley and Chiko have been laying on it all day. The pictures aren't too great because it is kind of cloudy today and I couldn't get any good light in the room, but you get the idea...

Oh, and Dylan loves his new booster seat that I made him. He likes to sit on it all of the time!


  1. Thank YOU! To someone who has the best taste ever!! :)

    It isn't shedding real bad yet, but the dog already puked on it, go figure.

  2. isn't it the cutest rug?! I just love it! it looks so good!

  3. Loving the new rug! Well done!!