Sunday, April 15

Our Weekend

Dylan turned 18 months old on Friday! Yippy! Yes, that was justification enough for me to buy him a new toy. He is spoiled, but not rotten. I saw this water table online and our Toys R Us had one, and so that was his "new toy". Since it has been so windy outside these past few days, I didn't want him outside very much with all of the blowing dirt, so I decided to put down a LOT of beach towels in the kitchen and let him play with his water table. I was brave! The 6 or 7 beach towels were completely soaked in a matter of minutes! His cup was taken away from him a few times when he was getting a little too wild with it, but he was able to keep entertaining himself pretty well! It was cute and fun, but I think I will have it outside the next time.

He also got to go on a bike ride with Daddy a couple of times in the evening when it wasn't so windy, since he bought a baby bike seat to put on the back of his. He loved it! Oh, and check out how adorable he is in flip flops! I'm so glad he will wear them because I know most kids won't!

I seemed to get a few comments and questions this weekend after my Facebook status, "I love doing and buying things for Dylan because he actually says, "thank you" :) I bet there are a lot of people that could learn from my 18-month old!" I got caught up in posting a Facebook status out of anger and frustration. I am very proud of Dylan's manners and always have been, but have just realized that not everyone bothers to even teach their children those "magic words". For me, it goes even deeper than just words, but the fact that they need to learn to appreciate the things others do for them.

I have been feeling under appreciated lately, as I am sure almost every mother does, but it isn't by my own child or husband, just in general. I can't control how others teach their children, or even how they respond, but I am determined to try my best to teach Dylan to express appreciation better than what I have witnessed lately by other children (and adults).

Let's end on a happy note... might not be a big deal to anyone else, but I am so happy to announce that Dylan has been drinking 2% milk at dinner for two nights in a row now! There have been no bad reactions to it as there were in the past, a.k.a no. 2 explosions. This means that maybe, just maybe, he might not be allergic to milk products like we have been thinking he was. I'll let ya know how it turns out, but I am pretty happy about it! :)

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