Tuesday, May 22

big boy bed

I guess this really isn't Dylan's big boy bed, but it's the first step to one. I mentioned that this past weekend, I converted his crib to a toddler bed by myself. I went ahead and did this because I ordered a bed rail for it. We wanted him to be able to crawl in and out of his bed, but also protect him from falling out when sleeping in it. I read some reviews on them before I purchased one and you would be amazed at how many bed rails have horrible reviews! It was actually a chore to try and find one with a decent review. Anyway, I did end up finding one to try out and it was from Diapers.com. It was scheduled to arrive Saturday, so I went ahead and did the crib conversion.

After taking the crib apart, I get online wondering where it was, and see that the shipment was delayed until Tuesday! Go figure. I wasn't going to put the crib back together, so I went and bought one from Babies R Us to use until this one gets here. Man, it was a PAIN to put together and a piece of junk! It went the entire length of his crib, so he couldn't get in and out of it, so what was the point? I mean, it is the same as leaving the crib in tact.

His new bed rail came today and to my surprise, the lovely intelligent people working at diapers.com distributing center decided to ship me one entire inventory box of bed rail, not just one bed rail. Lucky me. Haha. So, I got three bed rails and only bought one. Their loss, my gain, I suppose. Or, your gain! If someone needs one of these crib bed rails, let me know and you can buy one from me! Haha! Oh, and I am taking the Babies R Us bed rail back asap! This new bed rail is the bomb! It is so perfect and exactly what we needed! I love it! Here is the link to purchase one, or see what it is. Here are some pictures of it, too...

whale pull toy

I seem to get the Pottery Barn catalogs every day. Not sure if they have my mailing address down multiple times, or what. But anyway, I was looking through the Pottery Barn Kids catalog and fell in love with these little whale pull toys!

I figured they would be for sale, but no such luck. Sooo... I googled them, of course! They are on Joan Orr's Etsy shop and only $28! So cute! I think they may be too babyish for Dylan right now, but would be super cute for baby shower gifts. I was going to order one, then I figured I know a couple of guys that are perfectly capable of making them... Mark... Dad...

Monday, May 21


Wow, so sorry for not blogging in a long time! We have been busy around here! Since Mother's Day, time is flying by and I can't even tell you what day it is.

Mother's Day weekend, Mark's grandmother passed away. He was very close to her and we loved her so much! Her "ways" made me laugh and roll my eyes all of the time! If you've ever seen the movie Wedding Crashers, she reminds me of the grandma in that movie! Of course, that is a dramatized version, but you get the idea! haha We will miss Lulu and I am sure she is angry that I type "grandmother" here, referring to her, because she never wanted to be called that! She was ready to go and we are happy that she is no longer suffering.

That weekend, my parents also came into town. We celebrated Mother's Day together and we SUPER excited that Blue Mesa Grill opened in Lubbock! It's one of our favorite places to eat in Dallas, especially the Sunday Mother's Day brunch. It was great! No one here really knows about it too much, so it wasn't too busy at all!

I have been in single mom mode around here, too, since Mark has started planting cotton. Long days, late nights, early mornings, nap schedule changes, etc. have been throwing me totally off! I also released the new iPad (iPad 3) cover in my Etsy shop, as well as my monogrammed jewelry collection, and have been S.W.A.M.P.E.D! It's a good thing, but bad timing. Oh well, I am pretty much Super Mom, so I can deal. Haha. I even decided to convert Dylan's crib into a toddler bed by myself! He was really excited about it, but I think I was even more excited that I was able to do it by myself, which is something I would normally just tell Mark to go in there and do. I sent Mark a picture of Dylan in his bed after I did it. He looks so proud!

Dylan and I decided to make the homemade lollipops from jolly ranchers that has been all over Pinterest yesterday. They are so simple and even more exciting when you're making them! They are so fun because they come out all colorful! Mark ate several and kept saying that they were so good because the different flavors combined all compliment each other. We also had fun trying to melt them into other shapes and I made a giant flower lollipop! It was fun! They would be really cute (cheap and easy) as little gifts or party favors, too!

I also ran across this big beach bag at Target the other day. Call me cheap, but I actually had to stand there are really debate spending $35 on a beach bag from Target! But, I went ahead and got it because I really loved it and wanted to try to embroider my monogram on it! Sounded easy enough in my head, but oh my gosh, it was so hard! Never again. It was so thick that I couldn't get it in the embroidery hoop and tried all sorts of different things to hold it in place. I ended up having it all taped, pinned, and still having to stand and try to hold it in place as it worked.It got a little bit off, but considering all the problems it took to do it, it turned out really cute! I will be sporting it at Dylan's swim lessons this summer!

Saturday, May 5

My Serendipity Journal

I am not sure how I came across this book, Living a Charmed Life, but it was one day when I was looking at ordering something on Amazon and it was one of those "You might also like this..." type suggestions at the bottom of the page. So, I clicked on it and read some reviews, thought it sounded good, had no idea when I would ever read it, and bought it just for the heck of it.

It arrived a couple of weeks ago and one night, I don't know what came over me, I think it was probably midnight and Dylan was finally in bed and Mark was watching some stupid pawn shop or hillbilly show that I wasn't interested in, so I opened it and started reading it. It had just been after dealing with several complaints from my Etsy shop that night, which, by the way, were out of my control and taken care of. Anyway, I ended up making Mark pause the T.V. to start telling him about something in the book that I just read. I really liked it. It has been an easy read and I think it is because the chapters are so short! I can read one chapter in like five minutes. What I really like about it, is that she tells you something to actually do right then to start living a better life. I am over halfway through it and that only took two nights, maybe an hour max to get that far. For some reason, I haven't set aside time to pick it back up again. I think we have just been that busy with other things going on, like birthday parties, etc. However, I got a little bummed on the chapter about what I needed to do to lose weight, get fit, etc. chapter. I don't like reading about that stuff. I even get terribly annoyed at all of the 'workout' posts on pinterest all of the time. It's a personal thing. I do need to try some of the suggestions in the book, though, and anyway, I think I stopped reading after that chapter because I didn't like it. lol

One of the very first chapters tells you to keep a "Serendipity Journal". It sounds cheesy at first, but basically you're supposed to write down things that happen throughout your day that made you happy. Even little things that might seem dumb to others, if you liked it, write it down. The more you write it down and start to notice those things, you being to feel more grateful and start noticing all of the great things happening around you all of the time. I don't have a journal, so what did I do? Um, I ordered myself a cute little monogrammed one, of course! It arrive a couple of days ago and I have now started writing in it. Hopefully it goes good.

 Some other things I remember that were fun things to do to live a more charmed life:
1. wear red (just a touch, like nail polish) I'm wearing it right now.
2. wake up an hour earlier than you normally do and you will have a better day (yeah, haven't tried that one yet!)
3. Give something away (anything!) everyday

My favorites...

4. Dress for every occasion
5. Slow down
6. Wash the dishes with all your heart

Those are my favorites because I have always thought you should dress for every occasion and I feel that is getting less and less with each generation. For example, the churches that advertise you should come to their service because you can wear jeans, or the people that wear jeans to a wedding or funeral. I could keep going, but you get the idea. It drives me crazy, so I love that she addresses this in the book.

Slow down. When I read this, I thought, "Yea right! I won't get anything done! I move 90 mph constantly!" Well, that afternoon I was starting to sort laundry and found myself taking extra time to separate each and every piece of clothing into different, more elaborate, piles. I have always said that I need to wash Mark's clothes separate from mine because they are literally so dirty. He works in dirt, so of course they are dirtier than mine. I all of a sudden noticed myself slowing down and taking the time to separate his clothes from mine, etc. Then, once I was in the laundry room, I stopped and started cleaning the laundry room up. After cleaning it, I found myself going back in there to peek at it and admire how clean it was. Did you see it? I did it! I was able to slow down and "wash the dishes clothes with all my heart." I enjoyed what I was doing, even though it's something I hate to do, and was doing it how it was supposed to be done. It made me happier that I took the time to do it correctly. It's a simple thing that you don't notice, but I noticed it happening and that is what this book is about.

Enough of my ranting on about this book. I suggest it. To everyone. Here is my Serendipity Journal...

Tuesday, May 1

Happy May Day! (for Mom)

After the Easter party, we were sitting with my parents discussing when my next party would be. During the conversation, my Mom insisted that I bring back the tradition of "May Day" with giving May baskets. I had never heard of it and she had to explain it to me.

Since then, I have been researching it a little bit and thought that if I came up with a cute idea for it, I would do it. When I went to Target and all of their Easter things were 75% off, I found the cutest little baskets for May baskets. So, I bought enough for some family and friends and had to come up with an idea for putting flowers in them. I didn't want regular flowers because I think that would be a waste because they would die and not everyone would plant them, etc. I didn't want to just put candy because most of it gets thrown away.

 I finally decided that I would decorate cookies to look like flowers for inside the baskets. I set aside time on Sunday when I knew Mark would be able to entertain Dylan to make the cookies and decorate them. Then, on Monday, Dylan helped me put cookies in the bags and tie the strings on with the card. On the card it said, "Happy May Day! Love, Dylan" and it included a little description of the giving of May Day baskets tradition. He also helped deliver all of the baskets with me today and was not happy about leaving the cookies behind!

 I hope everyone enjoys their cookies if they received a basket! :) Mom, if you lived here, you would have one on your door, too! Happy May Day!