Tuesday, May 22

big boy bed

I guess this really isn't Dylan's big boy bed, but it's the first step to one. I mentioned that this past weekend, I converted his crib to a toddler bed by myself. I went ahead and did this because I ordered a bed rail for it. We wanted him to be able to crawl in and out of his bed, but also protect him from falling out when sleeping in it. I read some reviews on them before I purchased one and you would be amazed at how many bed rails have horrible reviews! It was actually a chore to try and find one with a decent review. Anyway, I did end up finding one to try out and it was from Diapers.com. It was scheduled to arrive Saturday, so I went ahead and did the crib conversion.

After taking the crib apart, I get online wondering where it was, and see that the shipment was delayed until Tuesday! Go figure. I wasn't going to put the crib back together, so I went and bought one from Babies R Us to use until this one gets here. Man, it was a PAIN to put together and a piece of junk! It went the entire length of his crib, so he couldn't get in and out of it, so what was the point? I mean, it is the same as leaving the crib in tact.

His new bed rail came today and to my surprise, the lovely intelligent people working at diapers.com distributing center decided to ship me one entire inventory box of bed rail, not just one bed rail. Lucky me. Haha. So, I got three bed rails and only bought one. Their loss, my gain, I suppose. Or, your gain! If someone needs one of these crib bed rails, let me know and you can buy one from me! Haha! Oh, and I am taking the Babies R Us bed rail back asap! This new bed rail is the bomb! It is so perfect and exactly what we needed! I love it! Here is the link to purchase one, or see what it is. Here are some pictures of it, too...

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