Tuesday, May 1

Happy May Day! (for Mom)

After the Easter party, we were sitting with my parents discussing when my next party would be. During the conversation, my Mom insisted that I bring back the tradition of "May Day" with giving May baskets. I had never heard of it and she had to explain it to me.

Since then, I have been researching it a little bit and thought that if I came up with a cute idea for it, I would do it. When I went to Target and all of their Easter things were 75% off, I found the cutest little baskets for May baskets. So, I bought enough for some family and friends and had to come up with an idea for putting flowers in them. I didn't want regular flowers because I think that would be a waste because they would die and not everyone would plant them, etc. I didn't want to just put candy because most of it gets thrown away.

 I finally decided that I would decorate cookies to look like flowers for inside the baskets. I set aside time on Sunday when I knew Mark would be able to entertain Dylan to make the cookies and decorate them. Then, on Monday, Dylan helped me put cookies in the bags and tie the strings on with the card. On the card it said, "Happy May Day! Love, Dylan" and it included a little description of the giving of May Day baskets tradition. He also helped deliver all of the baskets with me today and was not happy about leaving the cookies behind!

 I hope everyone enjoys their cookies if they received a basket! :) Mom, if you lived here, you would have one on your door, too! Happy May Day!


  1. i love this! i love the cookies and the baskets! you are really just so talented. You make everything look so good!

  2. How did you make the flowers on the cookies?

  3. I watched a lot of video tutorials on this website: http://www.universityofcookie.com/