Saturday, June 23

MEE! (Leigh) came to visit!

On Thursday, we were so excited that my friend Leigh came to visit us and spend the whole day with us. We played a lot and then decided to take Dylan to "Critter Fest" at the Science Spectrum. We actually thought it would small tiny "critters" and it was, but they had Elephants, camels, zebra, pony rides, antelope, tigers, lions, etc. It was really fun.

There was a new little Children's Museum section and it was amazing for Dylan. It had the little market with food and shopping carts, the water play area, a music room, a little city to ride on tricycles, and more! One of the funniest things they had was a microphone with screen so they can pretend they were news anchors. Dylan was talking into the microphone with his deep manly voice, if you haven't heard it, it's hilarious, and was pretty excited to see himself on TV. I start laughing so much even when I look back at the pictures of him doing it.

We had so much fun with Leigh, or "MEEE!" as Dylan called her and want her to come back soon!

This is Dylan's "Cheese!" face when asking him to pose for pictures. So funny! 

Monday, June 18

Father's Day and my sewing area

Birthday parties and Father's Day events kept us busy this weekend. I didn't do the best job at taking as many pictures as I would have liked to. I did remember to take a little snapshot of Dylan with Daddy on Sunday, though. Can you tell it is way past someone's nap time?

My parents made a very short trip here to spend some of the weekend with us and we went to a nice dinner and opened gifts. Dylan gave Mark an iPad so they can play games on it together and even had it engraved. He also helped me design the cover for it. He is so thoughtful and handy, that Monkey! ;)

They played on the iPad last night a lot together. The Wiggles apps and games were the favorites, of course! :)

Totally off subject, but I wanted to share my new little sewing/craft area! I ordered some storage items from the Home Decorators Collection. They are by Martha Stewart. I really like them. I have been trying to find a cute thread spool storage that wasn't just the plain wood pegs on a stand. When I found this one that mounts on the wall, I loved it! I also decided to get the matching little desktop organizer and drawers, too. I love it and it doesn't take up hardly any room! I have all of my "stuff" in one place now!

Something missing from this area is my MacBook. It sits here to charge and well, um, basically, I ruined it. Just a few days ago, I was eating breakfast with Dylan and was checking my emails at the same time. I went to grab something for him and ended up knocking over my very full glass of orange juice all over the MacBook keyboard. After trying many things to clean it the best I could, it finally decided to die and not turn on. I took it in to get it checked out and they told me that there is no replacing it. I pretty much ruined it, big time. They did tell me that if I get a new one, or some other external hard drive, they will try to get as many files as they can off of it for a mere $150. Soo... it's pretty devastating, to say the least.

I use it for everything. We are looking into getting a new one, but haven't decided which one to get yet. :(

Monday, June 11

Taco Pizza recipe

Ok, I had people want the exact recipe that I used for the Taco Pizaa that I made the other night that was fabulous, so here it is...


1 can of Cresent rolls
1 can of refried beans
1 pound of ground turkey
1 packet of taco seasoning
2  handfuls of shredded lettuce
1 bag of mexican blend cheese
1 bag of taco flavored Doritos (if you can't find it, Cool Ranch would work, too)


Preheat over to 375 degrees. Brown your ground turkey and follow the instructions on your seasoning packet to add seasoning and drain. If you're afraid of ground turkey, you can use ground beef, but you should really try to turkey! It is much healthier and when you add seasoning no one can tell that it is not beef, I promise!

Spread your cresent rolls out like they are pizza dough on a nonstick pan. You may have to use your hands to piece some of it together. Add a thin layer of refried beans (this is basically your pizza sauce).

Sprinkle your taco meat on top, then add the mexican blend cheese. If you have good eaters in your family, add whatever else you think would be good, peppers, olives, tomatoes, etc. We are the pickiest of picky eaters in our house, so ours is very simple.

Bake for 10 minutes, then take it out and add a handful of the shredded lettuce and broken pieces of Doritos chips on top. Then, put it back in the over for about another 5 minutes or until all cheese is melted and crust is slightly browned. 

dylan's family book

I FINALLY got around to making Dylan his own family book! I have been meaning to do it for a while now. He gets so interested in naming everyone that he knows in framed pictures around the house and it made me think that I should put all of his family member's photos in one place for him to look and name them.

 It came in the mail today and turned out so cute! He loves it! Every family member was included, even furry family friends. Check out his cute little book plates that I made him, too. They turned out amazing, as well.

Saturday, June 9

Spicy times

The other day I decided to try and make the Taco pizza that I pinned. Of course, I had to pretty much change up the recipe since we are all such picky eaters. I will post the recipe at the bottom if anyone wants it. We all LOVED it!! Seriously, it was really good and every time that Dylan took a bite, he made a big "Mmmm!" sound! :)

Speaking of Dylan, he has been a man on the move lately. He is pretty smart and has learned to take his little chairs or stools all around the house to help him reach everything. I mean, everything. If I turn my back for a second, literally, a second, he is up on the kitchen counter going opening the cabinets and grabbing lots of breakable things.

Anyway, while I was making this amazing taco pizza, I turned my back to get the pizza out of the over and here he was, sitting on the counter and dipping his chip in the fresh salsa! Trust me, I warned him big time to not eat it, but he just had to try it and the reaction was priceless! I made him do it again to get video of it...

Take two...

This is the original recipe that I pinned. I didn't use peppers or olives. When it only had about 5 minutes left to bake, I took it out and put shredded lettuce and crushed Doritos Taco style chips on top. Yummers.