Monday, June 11

dylan's family book

I FINALLY got around to making Dylan his own family book! I have been meaning to do it for a while now. He gets so interested in naming everyone that he knows in framed pictures around the house and it made me think that I should put all of his family member's photos in one place for him to look and name them.

 It came in the mail today and turned out so cute! He loves it! Every family member was included, even furry family friends. Check out his cute little book plates that I made him, too. They turned out amazing, as well.


  1. Kristen Thomas11 June, 2012

    Where's my page?!?! haha

  2. Oh geez! I KNEW everyone would want to see their own page!! Come look at his book and find it...,

  3. Where did you get the adorable book plate?

  4. I actually designed them and printed them myself! :) I can sell you some if you're interested!