Monday, June 18

Father's Day and my sewing area

Birthday parties and Father's Day events kept us busy this weekend. I didn't do the best job at taking as many pictures as I would have liked to. I did remember to take a little snapshot of Dylan with Daddy on Sunday, though. Can you tell it is way past someone's nap time?

My parents made a very short trip here to spend some of the weekend with us and we went to a nice dinner and opened gifts. Dylan gave Mark an iPad so they can play games on it together and even had it engraved. He also helped me design the cover for it. He is so thoughtful and handy, that Monkey! ;)

They played on the iPad last night a lot together. The Wiggles apps and games were the favorites, of course! :)

Totally off subject, but I wanted to share my new little sewing/craft area! I ordered some storage items from the Home Decorators Collection. They are by Martha Stewart. I really like them. I have been trying to find a cute thread spool storage that wasn't just the plain wood pegs on a stand. When I found this one that mounts on the wall, I loved it! I also decided to get the matching little desktop organizer and drawers, too. I love it and it doesn't take up hardly any room! I have all of my "stuff" in one place now!

Something missing from this area is my MacBook. It sits here to charge and well, um, basically, I ruined it. Just a few days ago, I was eating breakfast with Dylan and was checking my emails at the same time. I went to grab something for him and ended up knocking over my very full glass of orange juice all over the MacBook keyboard. After trying many things to clean it the best I could, it finally decided to die and not turn on. I took it in to get it checked out and they told me that there is no replacing it. I pretty much ruined it, big time. They did tell me that if I get a new one, or some other external hard drive, they will try to get as many files as they can off of it for a mere $150. Soo... it's pretty devastating, to say the least.

I use it for everything. We are looking into getting a new one, but haven't decided which one to get yet. :(

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