Saturday, June 23

MEE! (Leigh) came to visit!

On Thursday, we were so excited that my friend Leigh came to visit us and spend the whole day with us. We played a lot and then decided to take Dylan to "Critter Fest" at the Science Spectrum. We actually thought it would small tiny "critters" and it was, but they had Elephants, camels, zebra, pony rides, antelope, tigers, lions, etc. It was really fun.

There was a new little Children's Museum section and it was amazing for Dylan. It had the little market with food and shopping carts, the water play area, a music room, a little city to ride on tricycles, and more! One of the funniest things they had was a microphone with screen so they can pretend they were news anchors. Dylan was talking into the microphone with his deep manly voice, if you haven't heard it, it's hilarious, and was pretty excited to see himself on TV. I start laughing so much even when I look back at the pictures of him doing it.

We had so much fun with Leigh, or "MEEE!" as Dylan called her and want her to come back soon!

This is Dylan's "Cheese!" face when asking him to pose for pictures. So funny! 

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