Saturday, June 9

Spicy times

The other day I decided to try and make the Taco pizza that I pinned. Of course, I had to pretty much change up the recipe since we are all such picky eaters. I will post the recipe at the bottom if anyone wants it. We all LOVED it!! Seriously, it was really good and every time that Dylan took a bite, he made a big "Mmmm!" sound! :)

Speaking of Dylan, he has been a man on the move lately. He is pretty smart and has learned to take his little chairs or stools all around the house to help him reach everything. I mean, everything. If I turn my back for a second, literally, a second, he is up on the kitchen counter going opening the cabinets and grabbing lots of breakable things.

Anyway, while I was making this amazing taco pizza, I turned my back to get the pizza out of the over and here he was, sitting on the counter and dipping his chip in the fresh salsa! Trust me, I warned him big time to not eat it, but he just had to try it and the reaction was priceless! I made him do it again to get video of it...

Take two...

This is the original recipe that I pinned. I didn't use peppers or olives. When it only had about 5 minutes left to bake, I took it out and put shredded lettuce and crushed Doritos Taco style chips on top. Yummers.

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