Saturday, July 7

Margaret's Mad Hatter Party

We have been so busy around here, but fun-busy! We love planning/having parties! I was so thrilled when our neighbor asked me to help plan her daughter's 4th birthday party! The theme was mad hatter and it has always been my dream to throw a mad hatter tea party! I even had a mad hatter tea party cake for my bridal shower!

I had so much fun helping to create some of the little decorations and such. They are some of my favorite ever! I made the invitations, cupcake toppers, party favor tags, water bottle labels, and chevron cookies. Everything, including the party, turned out so adorable! Mark finished tiny picnic tables to use as the long table for the kids to sit and and they were the best!

Everything came together so nicely and Steph did an amazing job! The weather could have been a bit cooler, but hey, it's July, and it's Texas. The kids had fun playing flamingo croquet, pinning the grin on the Cheshire cat, making fun hats, swinging, and riding in the barbie Jeep. The boys loved riding in the Jeep and looked so manly doing it! ;) Proof that boys don't care if the car is pink, or if the license plate reads 'CUPCAKE' ;)

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  1. Where did you get your party labels from? They are too adorable!