Wednesday, July 18

Swimming Lessons teacher gift

Tonight I made a gift for Dylan's swimming lessons teachers. I didn't really make them, I embroidered their names on beach towels, but how cute are these?!...

Since I had everything out, I grabbed some of Dylan's things to put his initials on, because that's what I do. I had been wanting to put his initials on this one pair of swim trunks since I bought them and just hadn't had a chance. I ended up embroidering the front of the shorts to the back! Ugh, I should know to stop when I'm ahead. This is so typical. Just typical. These were some of my favorite swim shorts of his because they aren't all loud and gaudy. There are from Target and now, of course, I want more since I ruined these. I can't find them, so if you can find them in size 18 months, or up, get them for me, pretty please.


  1. I totally swiped your towel idea for my boys' swim teacher. It's adorable! Thanks so much for the inspiration!

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