Saturday, July 28

The Wiggles!

We made it back from The Wiggles concert and Dylan had the best time ever! Of course, as soon as we arrived, I stood in the hour long line to purchase Wiggles junk treasures. Well worth it, though! ;) Dylan started getting very excited once he would look around and see other people with Wiggles bags and shirts on.

For about the first 20 minutes of the show, he looked like he was in pure shock. He just sat there staring at them with his mouth wide open. Then, he started realizing what was actually happening and started singing, clapping, dancing, pointing, and yelling! lol

We had great seats - on the very end of the row and the first row of the first level. So, we had the little area where people can walk right in front of us and the kids would run there to dance for a little bit. It was also fun because it was the area right where the actual Wiggles would walk by to get things from the audience and say 'hello'. Dylan even got a high-five from Murray (after we were all yelling at him and Murray saw his shirt and called his name so he would realize that he was standing right beside him!) Lucky kiddo! :)

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