Friday, September 28

Dylan learning on iPad

When I bought the iPad for Father's Day for Mark. The intention was honestly for them to use it together. Dylan has taken to it much more than Mark and I am very pleased with what he has learned from it! I spend quite a bit of time looking for great children's educational apps for Dylan and some are amazing, others... not so much. I thought that you may want to take a look at the apps that I think are worth buying and that he loves if you have an iPad and if you let your child use it.

Here is a short clip of Dylan playing the Monkey Preschool Lunchbox game. It's really cute when he is playing it and when he completes a task he quietly says "yay!" to himself!

Here is a screen shot of Dylan's games and his books... 

Some of his favorites are free, and some others are not. Here is the link to the favorties:

The favorites are:
1. My First App Vehicles - this is great to watch him play! It has a puzzle that has the front of a vehicle on one side and the back of it on the other, pretty much a picture of a firetruck cut in half, and many other vehicles. He uses his finger to scroll through and find the matching front and back to the correct vehicle.

2. Monkey Preschool Lunchbox - This is the app he is playing in the video I took today. It's just loaded with tons of math skills for toddlers! Counting, matching, colors, shapes, and the list goes on. It's amazing watching how he has "grown" with this app and some of the things that he understands on it now that he didn't before. I love watching him put the broken piece of fruit together on this one. He is so smart!

3. The Wiggles Alphabet Adventure - We got this because, well duh, he loves The Wiggles! I am pleasantly surprised that it is an interactive alphabet that is pretty darn good! He can play instruments on it and I love watching him count to 10 on the N - Numbers slide.

4. I Hear Ewe - This seems like a boring app, but he loves it! You touch a picture of an animal or vehicle and the voice tells you what it is and then makes the realistic sound that it makes. You can turn the man's voice on or off, too. He has learned many animal sounds from this app!

5. Finding Nemo: Storybook Deluxe - This is one of the most expensive story apps, but he has taken a big interest in it lately. It's a great interactive storybook and it can read to him, he can read it himself, or play the games that go with it. He lets it read to him and I like that it highlights the words as it is reading. I also like that it stays on the page after reading the text and he can touch the fish and it will tell him the names of each of them. He knows who Nemo is now and hasn't even watched the movie!

6. Miss Spider's Bedtime Story - This has always been one of his favorite interactive storybooks because you can play the games, read the story, or watch the video. He likes watching the video the best and playing with the puzzles. He always call them "bugs" and loves to watch them on TV, too!

I hope that this list is helpful to anyone that allows their kids to play on the iPad. It is a great learning tool for kids and great for education!

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