Tuesday, September 25

jump, jump, jump

Today was Dylan's first day at The Little Gym! He enjoyed it and I think it was really fun! They are very laid back and let the kids run around and play. It's amazing how the kids just run to the center when we would all clap our hands and sing. They would go explore all of the fun things to climb, swing, jump, and bounce on, and then when we would go to the big circle on the mat, they would follow our lead. Dylan impressed many with his monkey swinging skills. He would just grab on the bars and start swinging himself back and forth like it was no big deal.

I love that the class has other kids the same age, just within a few months of each other. The staff is all so super sweet and go way out of their way to get to know your child and interact with them! Of course, he had to tell everyone about tractors and captains (pirates) that spoke to him. He's going to be bummed that we don't get to go tomorrow, since it's only once a week! He's already been asking about "gene lass" (gym class) and keeps trying to talk about all of the balls and bubbles he played with! I only took one picture of him before we went in so I could put my camera down and play with him. So, here he is saying "Cheese!" on his first day! :)

There was more jumping and playing for our monkey this past weekend at his cousin, Kayla's, birthday party! We all had fun at Bodyworks playing on all of their new trampolines and sky ropes course. Dylan was very upset that he wasn't able to do all of the things that the big kids were doing, because he thinks can do everything, too! Mark and I snuck him into the trampolines and decided to play with him until they kicked us out since you have to be three years or older, but the refs never blew their whistles at us and Dylan had a great time! He did so well jumping and playing like a big boy! Mark took Kati up on the sky ropes course and ended up doing the entire thing backwards to help her through it. It was fun watching and cheering them on the whole way! They did great!

And... here is a sneak peek at what went out in the mail today. I don't want to spoil the surprise for anyone that will be getting one this week, so this is the only picture for now and then I will show you more later... ;)

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