Monday, November 19

thanksgiving gifts

I am going to spoil the surprise for some, but I thought some of you might want to know what we are giving as little Thanksgiving gifts this week. I don't really think Thanksgiving gifts are necessary, but it's a nice gesture, if you have time. Last year we did these little cards and mailed them out to some family and friends.

I didn't want to do anything expensive, just something small and cute for some people this year. So, we made some little turkey bags for Dylan's gym class friends that he will give to them after class. I just filled a brown paper bag with animal crackers and a juice box and then used my silhouette machine to cut out the feathers, eyes, gobble gobble message, etc. and glued them on to it. Nothing too exciting, but all of the moms are always grabbing little snacks out of our bags right after class and I thought just taking a little snack would be nice.

For our Mom's this year, I embroidered a plain white dish towel ($2.00 for a two-pack at WalMart) to say "Happy Thanksgiving 2012! Love, Dylan" and then we painted his hand with fabric paint like a turkey and smashed it down on the towels. He HATED it! He hates getting dirty, I mean, seriously, hates it. He was crying the entire time because his hand was dirty. My hands were all wet trying to hold him from crying so much! It's kind of funny, poor kid. He was MUCH better when we finished the towels, washed his hand off, and them gave him a paint brush and paper and let him go to town.

While I was picking up the dish towels, I grabbed an extra set and embroidered them with a white letter L and a circle border around it for my cousin, our hostess, on Thanksgiving day. It's kind of hard to see in the picture since it is white, but I thought all white would be classier than my child's turkey hand-print that only Grandparents appreciate. So fancy, right? lol

Sunday, November 18

make your own hair ties

Are you loving the cute hair tie trend like the Emi Jay hair ties? Celebrities and anyone who is anyone is wearing them! They don't leave creases in your hair and look cute just tied around your wrist, too!

They are selling anywhere from 4 hair ties for $10.00 and up! I am guilty for buying some and then looking at them, it is so easy to make your own (and WAY cheaper!) You just buy some 5/8" fold-over elastic from any craft store, but I got mine online here.

I bought tons of colors and some in glitter and have made like 100 hair ties and still have elastic left over! I was just looking through the colors and picked my favorites and would get 1 or 2 yards of each one. I spent about $18.00 total. I made some regular size hair ties and some headband size, too, because I use those while in the shower and while working out. It's the EXACT same stuff they are selling at crazy prices. The EXACT same stuff Jennifer Aniston is wearing in her hair, too.

Here are the easy steps to make your own:
1. measure (about 9 inches)
2. cut
3. fold over in half
4. tie a knot
5. wear it!

Wednesday, November 14

Dylan's Christmas Advent Calendar

Terrible blogger. I can't say it enough. I haven't even blogged about Dylan's birthday party! Life has just been a little hectic lately since Mark is busy stripping cotton. That's when it becomes just me & Dylan all day, every day. He keeps me busy. I made myself hurry and try to get his Christmas advent calendar made yesterday. I looked at the real calendar and realized that we might be so busy during Thanksgiving, I might not get another chance to get it made by December 1st.

I have searched and searched for cute advent calendars and loved the idea of the drawstring bags as soon as I saw those. I ordered some canvas bags from Paper Mart. Of course, they come in a pack of 24, so I ended up ordering two packs! Not like that is a bad thing because I am sure I will find other uses for the little bags! The calendar bags really turned out cute and I can't wait to fill them and see how much he loves it. It was really easy to make, too. I'm going to tell you how I did it, in case you're interested. I have seen people actually sew the numbers on the bags, but that would take forever and be a pain, so I opted for freezer paper and fabric paint, which was a good call! Here is what you need:
1. freezer paper
2. canvas bags (your choice - here is where I got mine)
3. fabric paint
4. sponge brush for painting
5. razor blade to cut numbers and help peel freezer paper off after painted
6. small piece of cardboard to put inside to help the paint not bleed
7. bowl for paint
8. iron & ironing board

First, you cut out your numbers. If you have a cutting machine like the Silhouette or Cricut, that's extra easy, but if you don't, you can still do it! You will just need to print the numbers off on paper, trace them to freezer paper, and cut them out with a razor blade. I suggest finding someone that has a cutting machine, or hey, here is another reason (like you need one) to go buy one of these machines for yourself! ;) I have the Silhouette Cameo, so this part was easy!

Then, I set all of the numbers out. After you have all of your numbers cut out, take a canvas bag, put the piece of cardboard inside of it, and iron a number stencil on.

After you iron the number on the bag, you'll go ahead and paint it. After you have painted the number, slip the piece of cardboard out and set the bag to the side to dry. I know it is tempting, but let it dry for a while before you pull the freezer paper off (the best part!) and go ahead and go on to the next bag and repeat the process (25 times!) Once the paint is dry, you can pull the freezer paper off and throw it away and you will see your super cute design!

That's it! I am not sure where I am going to hang them yet. I am looking for some red gingham ribbon to hang them with, and haven't found any yet. I have also been slowly collecting little things to put inside of them. He isn't really into candy, except lollipops, and I would prefer them to not be filled all with candy, either. I have liked the idea of little coupon inside some of them that have a Christmas activity to do for that day. I might do that next year. I don't think he will understand a piece of paper saying something to do this year. I have been gathering items from the dollar bins at Target, like little books, colors, cars, animal crackers, snacks, toothbrushes, etc. that will go inside of them this year.

Thursday, November 1

Trick-or-Treating 2012

Dylan had a lot of fun this year actually trick-or-treating for Halloween! The day before, he took some goodies for his friends at his Little Gym class. We also took the flashlights for our friends last night that we went trick-or-treating with. I just bought orange and black flashlights from Dollar Tree (and the batteries) and added a cute tag. I am not a huge fan of giving candy as Halloween treats since they get overwhelmed with so much of it, anyway.

I decided that I would make Dylan a simple pirate costume this year. He wasn't about to dress up in some ridiculous (ridiculously cute!) costume like last year, so I had to go with something that was more like just some normal clothes that he might not notice he was wearing. I chose a pirate because he was actually always willing to wear his Captain Feathersword hat all of the time! Not nearly as cute as the chicken last year (I'm not sure it will ever get cuter than that), but cute enough! ;)
After we got dressed, we headed over to our friend's house to meet-up and take the kids trick-or-treating together. We all brought something to snack on and, oh my gosh, there were some treats TO. DIE. FOR. You guys are all so lucky, because I am going to share the best recipes with you (and the easiest!) I took my favorite Pumpkin Cupcakes and I don't think they were even close to as good as the Ranch Sausage Taco bites or Caramel Toffee Apple dip that was there! Seriously. These two things were SO GOOD! Not only are they so amazing, they are crazy easy to make, too!
After eating ALL of the amazing snacks, we took the kids around the neighborhood to trick-or-treat. Dylan did great and loved going up to the doors and saying, "Ticka teet" and "tink ewe". ADORABLE. I laughed so hard a couple of times at Dylan. At one door, the sweet lady let him pick out his candy from the basket and he chose a lollipop, then quickly said, "another" and grabbed another one. Don't worry, he told everyone "tink ewe"!
We had a lot of fun! We have never really had too much fun on Halloween, but we LOVED it this year and can't wait until next time!