Friday, December 21

Christmas cards

I was waiting until I received word from people that they received our Christmas cards before I shared them online. I wasn't certain I was going to be able to get them all finished in time and thought they may end up turning into Happy New Year cards, but I managed to get them done!

The big surprise this year about our cards is that our family photo includes Hurley. Now, I know it's a completely normal thing to have people have their dogs in their family photos, but for us, it isn't. He is hard to handle, and with his health problems lately, even more hard to handle. Those health problems are the main reason we went ahead and had our favorite photographer try to work with us and get some good photos of Hurley (and us with Hurley) if anything sad were to happen.

I am very happy we went ahead and did it, as the following day,  he had another seizure and we found a lump on his side. Mark took him to the vet and they believe the lump is a fat deposit, but want us to keep an eye on it. We have also had to increase his daily medication to 4, instead of 3, pills. We weren't happy about this, as we have noticed changes in him that are side effects of the medication; weight gain, irritability, depression, sleepiness, eating and drinking excessively, etc. What else is there to do? We have to trust our vet about this and just pray - he is our first baby and we will do anything for him!

Anyway, if you can even try to imagine a photo session that included our hyper giant dog, a two-year-old that skipped his nap, and Mark (you know what I mean if you've ever tried to take a picture of this guy), it was a difficult task! Luckily, Cris did an amazing job and we were able to get a pretty good photo of all of us and one very pretty picture of our best friend:

As for the Christmas cards, I wanted something a little different than just a family photo with a warm holiday wish for everyone next to it. I decided to create a small little letter from Dylan to let everyone know briefly what we were up to. I put a little red tractor at the top because that would be perfect stationery from him. I rounded all of the corners of the letters and the photos by hand. Did you read that last part? BY HAND. EVERY CORNER. Then, I tied them with some twine together and packaged them up to go. Of course, the post office frowned at the string bows inside and made me pay .65 cents to mail each one, instead of the regular rate. Go figure. I hope everyone that received one enjoyed it!

And... since this post is about Christmas cards, I have to say each year my disappointment grows more and more with the lack of people that actually send them. Is it just me, or does it seem like the stack gets smaller every year? People need to stop being lazy and do more! If you love getting Christmas cards and sending them, please let me know and I can add you to our address list to include you next year! :) I will get off of my soap box now and show you the cards, or lack thereof,  that we received that I taped up on the kitchen pantry door to display. See all of those crazy bright red arrows? Those are the cards that I made for others this year...

Tuesday, December 18

Gym class Christmas gifts

Today, Dylan was able to deliver his Christmas gifts to his friends that are in his gym class. They were all so sweet, but we will have to hold on to a couple of them, as some of the kiddos missed today.

I found these adorable Christmas books called, The Sweet Smell of Christmas. I have never heard of it before, but I am so glad I found them now! The story goes through all different smells that you smell during Christmas time and then has these scratch-n-sniff stickers in parts of it, so they can actually smell the things - pine trees, hot cocoa, oranges, candy canes, etc. I kept one for Dylan and smelled it and they smell so realistic and amazing! You can buy one here.

I made a package little personalized silhouette bookplates for each of the kids to go with their book and to put in the books they have at home, too. I called the gym a few weeks ago to make sure I had the spellings correct for each of their names. I love how they turned out!