Tuesday, December 18

Gym class Christmas gifts

Today, Dylan was able to deliver his Christmas gifts to his friends that are in his gym class. They were all so sweet, but we will have to hold on to a couple of them, as some of the kiddos missed today.

I found these adorable Christmas books called, The Sweet Smell of Christmas. I have never heard of it before, but I am so glad I found them now! The story goes through all different smells that you smell during Christmas time and then has these scratch-n-sniff stickers in parts of it, so they can actually smell the things - pine trees, hot cocoa, oranges, candy canes, etc. I kept one for Dylan and smelled it and they smell so realistic and amazing! You can buy one here.

I made a package little personalized silhouette bookplates for each of the kids to go with their book and to put in the books they have at home, too. I called the gym a few weeks ago to make sure I had the spellings correct for each of their names. I love how they turned out!

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