Wednesday, February 13

Dylan's Favorite Snack

No kidding, these are his favorite snack and have been for quite some time now. He asks for them constantly and will ask other people for a "nana-cicle" at their home, too. They are really easy to make, they taste better than some flavored popsicles, and healthy, too! I don't feel bad at all handing him one of these when he asks for a popsicle at all!

 I always buy two bunches of bananas at the store. I use one to cut up and freeze for his popsicles and the other to just leave out and eat like normal.

All you need to make these are:
lollipop sticks (I grabbed a big bag of them at hobby lobby on the baking isle)
a container
a knife

Now just cut each banana in half and slide a lollipop stick in one end...

Put them all in a container and place it in the freezer. That's it! It's amazing how sweet they are and they last for weeks, too! :)

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