Tuesday, February 12

Dylan's Valentine Treats

Today, Dylan took his Valentine treats to his gym class! It's no secret that I love giving gifts for every occasion and these are one of my favorites! I always try my best to think of something practical to give that parents don't just toss in the trash and something that I know I love myself.

I decided to give the "Dwink" juice box holder with a juice pouch inside. I love this little holder because you can slip any juice box in it and the kids don't squeeze the drink all over and make a mess! It's one of my favorite little gadgets we have around here! You can buy them from Babies R Us, Amazon, or from the distributor, Price Products, LLC.

I attached a little gift tag that read, "This DWINK is on me! Love, Dylan Rhoads" No, I didn't get the idea from Pinterest... I still have some creativity in me! ;) But, feel free to give these yourself! :)

1 comment:

  1. What a cute idea! I love this! Totally pinning it!