Friday, May 3

Happy Birthday, Kati!

Our sweet niece, Kati, is 8 years old today! Eight years old! I know, we all say how fast they grow up, but Mark and I started dating the year Kati was born and it seems like yesterday. I clearly remember the day Mark came into the Dakota Arms office (my work at the time) holding a wallet-size picture of Kati laying in a bed of roses. He was grinning from ear to ear and so proud. He went to everyone in the office, showing them how cute she was!

That was eight years ago, but nothing has changed. If anything, our love for Kati has grown even more! She is our "KK", "Tooter-Bell", and "Princess" and we love her like she is our own! If you are ever around Dylan and Kati at the same time, you see his love for her, too. It's quite comical to all of us how much he follows her around and wants to constantly hold her hand. You can literally see how much he loves her, too.

Unfortunately, our poor KK is sick today and we won't be able to celebrate her birthday "party style". Mark and I will go out there later to see her and sing her 'Happy Birthday', cut into her zebra cake I made for her, and let her open presents from us.

We love you with all of our hearts, Kati! Happy Birthday!


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