Friday, May 24

Monkey & Mommy week

I always feel like I am not doing enough at home with Dylan. Since taking on this "home business" I am always trying to just find something to entertain him while I try to get work done and, although I'm sure I still do more than I think with him, I never feel like it's enough quality time. I have a feeling I will always feel this way. Anyway, I decided that since Mark started planting this week and would not be coming home until very late, that I would make sure I did something fun (out of the house) with Dylan. We get into such a boring normal routine that sometimes even simple errands are fun for us. It gets us out of the house. Even though the orders kept coming in, I have set those aside as much as I can, to do something with Dylan each day.

Monday, I took him to lunch at Sugarbaker's Cafe & Bakery after running a couple of errands. This might seem like no big deal to some, but to even attempt to take this wild child to eat in public is quite a task. It's even more of a task when I am doing it alone. I sound like a wimp, but really. Aside from getting him to only take two bites of a sandwich because his fun ladybug cookie was sitting right there taunting him, he did very well at lunch and got lots of attention from all of the old ladies that were there.

Tuesday, I took him to the mall and did some shopping. Got some stuff for me and for him. We also spent some time at the water fountain throwing in pennies and making wishes. Dylan wished for a truck, and new Buzz. He also had to have an Icee and some pretzel sticks when we walked past those, too. On our way out, I took him to the bookstore and he had fun in the children's section browsing and picked out a new Brave book.

Wednesday, I took him to the Science Spectrum. I wondered what I had gotten myself into when we pulled into the parking lot and there were about 15 school buses there. Next time, I am going to take him on STAAR testing day! Ha!

It really wasn't too busy, though, especially because he spent most of his time inside the Children's Museum section that is only allowed for small children. He loved it there! I paid extra to take him into the special Butterfly House with all different kinds of butterflies that fly around you. That was me being adventurous. We lasted about maaaaybe 2 minutes before I decided we needed to get out of there! Haha! I'm such a loser!

We went down to the lower level and he was excited, and then quickly terrified at the large dinosaur he saw! He was so scared! Living up to my Mother-of-the-Year title, I made him stand there and smile like a brave boy so I could get a picture. When the camera clicked, he came running and crying to me! Haha! I'm so mean, but he looks like he loved it in the picture!

Thursday, Dylan slept-in pretty late because I took him to ride the tractor with Mark after his bath. They ended up working and didn't get home until after 4am! So, everyone was pretty tired and slept until about 11:00. Dylan's Mimi came and got him around noon to spend the day with him and I worked on lots of invitations and embroidering items for people.

Today (Friday), I packed a picnic and took Dylan to one of his favorite parks. He played and then we sat on our picnic blanket and ate our lunch. It was pretty windy, but we still had a good time and were thankful that the weather was nice today! A little wind I can take, tornadoes, no. Not this week.

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