Saturday, May 4

too sick to party

I posted yesterday about Kati turning 8 and how she got sick and wasn't able to have her birthday party. It's been rescheduled, but we still wanted to help her celebrate the best we could. So, we took the cake, cupcakes, and gifts from us out to her last night. I mean, why would we waste a perfectly good cake, right?!

We sang her 'Happy Birthday' and let her blow out the candles. She didn't feel much like eating the cake, but we all took our chances after having her blow all over it and we dove right into it! ;) Although she didn't feel like eating cake, of course she was up for opening her presents! Who wouldn't be?!

Shopping for "tweens" can be hard, especially when they are as spoiled loved as the children in our family. I decided to get her the board game Mall Madness! Does everyone remember this game? Best game ever. Well, the original game disappeared and then they brought it back around Christmas a few years ago. I tried to find it again and, of course, it's no where to be found, other than on eBay for a hefty price! I did find a Littlest Pet Shop version of the game, though, and it is supposed to be just like it, only pet-themed. We didn't play it last night, but I sure hope it has the same man's voice as the original! "Oo0Oh, a long line! Try again later!"

I also gave her a little Truth or Dare game for her to play with her girlfriends when they have a sleepover. And, no gift would be complete from me without monograms! I made her some monogrammed t-shirts and got some matching running shorts to go with them! I think the initials for her name are just the prettiest, too! ;)

Happy Birthday, KK!


You can see the sweet invitations I made for her party on my Facebook page. I used a photo of Kati and made her silhouette at the top. I also made everything else to match, but I'll take pictures of those when we actually have the party! :)

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