Tuesday, September 24

Remember this...

I know I haven't written here in... forever, but I wanted to sit and make time to write this sweet little moment that happened yesterday so that I will always remember it and also to share it with all of you.

It's probably no secret that Dylan's two days a week at school has been an adjustment for all of us. Separation Anxiety is real and my child has it, but this is very normal, especially with children that stay home every day with their momma. Each day we drop him off at school has gotten better and better, but it's still hard.

Last night, he went to play with his best buds, Payce & Knox. At one moment, the three of them sat in a little circle together in a different room than we were in. Basically, it looked like a little water "tea party", a manly one, of course. While they sat there, we happened to stop our adult conversation to hear them talking to each other...

Payce strikes up the conversation by saying, "So, Dylan, you're in school... do you like school?" Dylan's response, without missing a beat and having no idea we can hear them, says, "Yes, uh, but I miss my Momma."

It was the most precious moment! I grabbed my chest and started to tear-up and cry. Yes, I know he misses me, but to hear him say this sentence, as his mother, words cannot describe.

Today, when he arrived at school Mark said he was a bit sad and told him that he didn't want to go, which is normal. However, there were NO TEARS. NO CRYING! He was sad to stay and have Daddy leave him, but this is such a great thing that he didn't even cry. Yay!

When we went to pick him up, he was in Stretch & Grow class and we went a level above and were able to look down and watch him. He didn't know we were there watching. It's very interesting to watch him and how he interacts while we are not there. He is very quiet and keeps to himself. He stays VERY close to his teacher, Miss Kristen, and has developed a bit of an attachment to her now. You can see him in the photo that I took sitting right next to her, like he always does.

Miss Kristen gave us an excellent report on him today and told us how amazing he did at drop-off time. He only cried a bit after he woke up from nap, but it was no big deal. He had no potty accidents and enjoyed coloring a photo of his family! His artwork was very impressive. Seriously. I will post a photo of it when we get it back. Right now, it is hanging in the classroom. To celebrate a great day, we came home and made some coke floats! :)