Wednesday, January 29

100 days of school

Tomorrow is Dylan's 100th Day of School! I know he only goes to school two days a week, so really, this isn't even close to 100 days for him, but that's ok - he can still celebrate! ;) His project was to make a super hero cape with 100 "things" on it.

We went through many discussions as to what to put on his cape. (I really put way too much thinking into these sorts of things and while I know it is Dylan's project, not Kari's project, let's be real.) If I was going to take the time to "make" anything, you know I'm going to do my best. This is something that I want Dylan to learn from me. No matter how big, or small, the project, you should give it your best effort and do your best work! I was always called an overachiever throughout school. I'm still referred to as an "overachieving" mother and get lots of eye-rolls, but that's ok.

Back to his cape, I thought I had it narrowed down to an idea of a Buzz Lightyear cape and stitching 100 stars on it, but I still thought 100 stars would be tacky. I want this cape to be something he can still have and play with, I mean, why make anything if you can get good use out of it?! While I was still planning to get everything needed for his Buzz cape, I came up with a simpler idea, but functional, as well. I decided on a simple super hero outline with the number 100 inside of it. This might not be 100 "things," on the cape, but he has 100 on his cape. I twisted the assignment rules a bit, I guess. I will still be sending him to school with several baggies of 100 "things" for him and his friends, if needed, too! ;)

To make it even more functional, I decided to make it reversible and have the same super hero outline with a letter D inside of it for him to wear anytime. It turned out very cute and the best part was that he LOVES it! He even insisted on wearing it to bed the other day for his nap!

Happy 100 Days of School!

Oh yeah, and since I'm "that mom",  I made him a 100 Days of School shirt, too! I'll go polish my Mom of the Year trophy now! (just kidding, gosh!)