Tuesday, November 11

master bath reveal

I honestly would say that I keep forgetting to post photos and details about the big master bath remodel that took place ALL. LAST. YEAR, but I was actually waiting until I got around to cleaning it so I could take photos, too. Ha.

Here are the before photos, taken with my phone, so they a pretty small and blurry, but they give you somewhat of an idea of the transformation. We basically had to take out the entire front part of the house and redo it from top to bottom (inside and out).

The very blue bathroom was what used to be our "master" bathroom. It was very small. You could literally wash your hands while you were sitting on the toilet. The pink bathroom was a very large bathroom in the center of the house. Basically the "guest" bathroom. It was very large, but set up very strangely.

The story we received when we purchase this home, was that the people that lived here before us, the originally owners since 1952, built the home exactly how they wanted it. It has been said it was very "high class" for them to have a "his" and separate "hers" bathroom. Naturally, her bathroom was pink and MUCH larger. It contained two closets, a vanity, and a bathtub, toilet, sink, and windows, while his bathroom was very small and just had a small shower with standing room only for one, a small linen closet, toilet, and sink. We were pretty much left with no other choice than to demo the entire center of the home and expand the "master" into what was the pink guest bathroom to create more room.



The after....

I have created a Pinterest board with most of the resources for the items we choose in the bathroom. If there is something that you would like to know more about, just ask! The chandelier was an original in the home that we used, so that will not be found on there. Just click here to access that.

Hopefully, I will get around to taking photos of the guest bathroom, a.k.a. Dylan's bathroom, too. It is the same style, as we used many of the same finishes, paint colors, etc., just on a smaller scale.

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