Wednesday, November 5

Organizing children's artwork

I have struggled with finding a way to organize Dylan's artwork that has started coming home from school with him for a while now. It normally was put on the refrigerator for everyone to see, but it began to look like a mess, especially for this Type A personality. I started throwing some things away that I would have liked to keep. Is anyone else like this? I'm going to assume it's not just me!

I found a simple solution to remove the artwork from my refrigerator and keep in Dylan's room. He is just as proud to see it displayed in there, too. It has been a great purchase, and very cheap, too! I purchased a curtain rod wire from Ikea and the small clips that hang on it, too.

I have started hanging the current artwork that he brings home once a week, or every two weeks or so, on these clips in his room. When the wire is filled up, I remove those items and place them in a file box I made just for him. I purchased this from Walmart for about $10 and then the file folders. I labeled those by age and just keep adding to that section. I think it will be nice for him (and us) to look back at his projects in here as he grows and it keeps it all in one place.

Here are the links to the Ikea items used to hang his artwork on the wall. This would look cute in a playroom, or even a kitchen, too!

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  1. Very smart idea! I love that... I could get different boxes for each child!