Sunday, April 19

Lilly Pulitzer + Target purchases

I have been flooded with texts, Facebook messages, Instagram messages, and phone calls asking what I was able to purchase from the Lilly + Target debut today. Luckily, I was able to score almost all of my purchases last night online and I am so glad I did because I heard the stores were a madhouse today! I know you're thinking, "Wait, what?! She wasn't at the store this morning?" Nope! Don't get me wrong, I did go to check out both of our two Targets here after I got up and around to it and while they were very picked over, I was able to get a few more items.

I've had a lot of people ask how I was able to purchase as many items as I did and there wasn't a secret to it. If you've ever tried to purchase from one of the Lilly sales that they have only twice a year online, then you know that within about five minutes, the site will crash. I knew that could happen, so I had my phone open to Instagram where I kept refreshing the #lillyfortarget hashtag to see what people were posting. I also had my desktop computer open to Twitter following the Target President and the Target account for updates. Then, I had my laptop beside me on the Target webpage ready to shop. I made sure I was already logged into my Target account, so all I had to do was type in my pin at checkout using my RedCard.

Once I saw some people on Instagram posting that they were getting items, it was a frantic race with fingers and refreshing websites to try and find the items. I got word on there that you had to Google the items you wanted. Once I Googled the item "lilly pulitzer target gold wedges," I discovered that the only time it would open is on the mobile site. I then started googling items I knew I wanted from my phone and I was able to make a few purchases from there. Now, this was only around 11:30PM CST and Target had announced that it would not go live between 12:00AM and 2:00AM CST. This left all Lilly lovers in freak out mode and complete chaos broke out on the internet, causing the Target website to crash within minutes.

I was able to see that the Target twitter account and the Target president account inform everyone that the items that were getting purchased were live by accident and were not supposed to be live yet, however, those purchases would be honored and to wait until 2:00AM CST and everything would be available again. So, the waiting game began and once 2:00AM hit, all of the items did go live and if you didn't type or click fast, they were gone quickly! Even though it was a bit tricky (and very stressful), I was able to get almost all items that I wanted online before the website crashed within ten minutes!

Online purchases: Pink "See Ya Later Shift Dress (sizes 4 and 6 to see which fits best), "My Fans" shift dress (size 6), See Urchin halter top (size Small), "My Fans" Palazzo pant (size small), White eyelet shorts (size small and medium), Pink eyelet shorts (size small and medium), Blue Challis pompom shorts in "Upstream" (sizes small and medium), gold pineapple sandals (for my mom), 1 basket, and 1 patio umbrella

In-store purchases: Embroidered Tunic in blue bell (size XS), Girls "My Fan's maxi dress in size XL (yes, it fit me!), and all of the hair accessories. I had a friend grab the two patio pillows for me since she knew I wanted them! :)